Graphic Artist Ralph Hawke Manis

Bluesy Mama - Janis Joplin Portrait

"Bluesy Mama" - One of a kind, silkscreen print portrait of 1960s Queen of Rock, Janis Joplin. Hand painted with airbrush and signed by the artist.

Fine Art hand painted silk screen prints by award winning artist Ralph Hawke Manis. Each piece is an original one of a kind work of art by the artist. Ralph Manis makes the silkscreens and prints them on high quality acid free heavy weight paper himself. He then hand airbrushes each print individually with eight colors of high quality artists acrylic paints.

All hand painted silk screen prints are sold without a mat or, frame. These are one of a kind collectible works of art and are available only through our secure online shopping services or by calling directly at: (302) 934-6994.


Artwork information
  • Artist: Ralph Hawke Manis
  • Original Art Date: c. 1976
  • Medium: Pencil, pen & silkscreen
  • Dimensions: 18" x 24"
  • Location: NY, NY
Print information
  • Silkscreen Print
  • Hand Airbrushed
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Fine Art Paper
  • Mat & Frame not included