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Classic Rock Band T-shirts Tank Tops Tie Dyes and Tapestries INFINITEE

Classic Rock T-shirts, Tank Tops, Tie Dyes & Tapestries that Rock!

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Black Tie Dye Tank Tops Men's & Women's

Black Tie Dyed Tank Tops Mens Tanks Women's Spaghetti Straps

Black tie dye tank tops of 100% cotton rock tank tops and fantasy art tank tops on men's tanks and women's spaghetti straps hand painted with airbrush.

Infinitee Black Tie Dye Tank Tops

Black Tie Dyed Tank Tops

Hand painted black tie dyed tank top starting at only $30!Midnight Black tie dye tank top color for all styles of rock tank tops and psychedelic fantasy art prints. This new color of tie dye was custom developed just for Infinitee Rock Band T-shirts by master tie dye artist Phillip Brown and we just love them. Available on all our Rock n' Roll legends, Science Fiction and Fantasy Art designs but, not the Biker shirt designs. Tie dyed with only the very best in tie dye materials, Procion dye is the professional tie dyers product of choice.

Black Tie Dye T-shirts Too!

  • Heavy weight 100% cotton tank tops
  • Hand silk screened & airbrushed by the artist!
  • Print sizes are approximately 18" x 20"
  • Tie Dye colors: Black
  • Sizes: Small, medium, large, x-large, 2x & 3x

Hand painted with airbrush to give that soft to the touch feel!

Ghost Wizard Women's Fantasy Art Tie Dyed Cotton Tank Top

The Ghost Wizard 100% cotton women's tie dyed tank top design was conceived from viewing a knot in a piece of wood while living in Sonoma County, California back in 1989. The original drawing by Ralph Hawke Manis was created with a standard number two pencil and can be seen in the Ghost Wizard pencil gallery page of Infinitee Designs.


Winters Blues Inspired by Johnny Winter Womens Tie Dye Tank Top

"Winters Blues" Women's tie dye tank top graphics created in loving memory of Johnny Winter who's ripping blues rock riffs inspired myself and countless others to learn how to play the guitar and love the blues. Johnny Winter's music was a major influence and driving force starting in the early 1970s up until his recent passing just after his 70th birthday. Johnny played guitar and did vocals with such legends as Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin (they were VERY close), Rick Derringer, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes and many others. He also, produced three Grammy nominated albums with Muddy Waters and playing guitar on the Grammy-winning "Hard Again" He recently released the Grammy nominated "I'm A Bluesman".

WB-WOM-TANK-Tie Dye Black-Small

Bluesy Mama Inspired by Janis Joplin Tie Dye Tank Top Mens

Men's tie dye rock tank top "Bluesy Mama" inspired by 60s Blues/Rock legend and super star, Janis Joplin... The quintessential Queen of 60s Rock and Roll with her ballsy, belting blues vocals and unparalleled stage presence she would have you screaming at the top of your lungs one moment and crying your eyes out the next. Although her reign was short, it was supreme and be remembered always.

BM-MEN-TANK-Tie Dye Black-Small

Door Ways Inspired by Jim Morrison Tank Top Rock Tie Dye Mens

"Door Ways" inspired by Jim Morrison men's tie dyed rock tank top. In the 1960s American Rock legend Jim Morrison (1943 - 1971) and The Doors driving psychedelic, rock blues style of music and poetic lyrics ruled the land. Jim Morrison was born on December 8, 1943 in Melbourne, Florida, he and The Doors are best known for such hits as... "LA Woman", "Riders on the Storm" and "Light my Fire" not to mention "Roadhouse Blues" Controversial? Yes. Inspiring? Yes. Exhilarating... Oh yeah! Dull? NEVER!!!

DW-MEN-TANK-Tie Dye Black-Small

Wings Inspired by Led Zeppelin Tank Top Mens Rock Tie Dye

Men's tie dyed rock tank top "Wings" inspired by Led Zeppelin the 1970s English Rock music legends. The mighty Led Zeppelin was in a league of their own and brought on the era of hard rock with with a gentle side as well. A winged woman flying through the psychedelic cosmos searching for her male counterpart and dancing all the way!

WI-MEN-TANK-Tie Dye Black-Small

Haze Inspired by Jimi Hendrix Tie Dye Rock Tank Top Womens

Titled "Haze" after the Jimi Hendrix song "Purple Haze" Women's tie dyed rock tank top artwork inspired by the 1960s legendary psychedelic rock guitar legend Jimi Hendrix. When Jimi Hendrix hit the scene with his riveting, wild electric guitar riffs and evoking sounds that to this day even the best guitar players can't figure out... Jimi Hendrix changed everything!


Lion from Zion Inspired by Santana Tie Dyed Tank Top Womens

The "Lion from Zion" Women's tie dyed rock tank top was inspired by the classic album from Carlos Santana appropriately titled "Santana". In my humble opinion, Santana's Spanish rhythms, leads and warm soulful blues sound along with great vibrato and sustain is so beautiful it makes me want to cry tears of joy and gives me chills every time I hear him play.

LFZ-WOM-TANK-Tie Dye Black-Small
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