Cheap Perfume – 1st All Girl Punk Band


Cheap Perfume – New York City’s first all girl Punk rock band…

The joys and hardships they faced while paving the way for the next generation.

Ordinary Girls – Live at The Baggot Inn NYC on Aug 3 2007


The Original Cheap Perfume Punk Band

Cheap Perfume Punk Band – The idea for Cheap Perfume began in 1977 when two waitresses working at CBGBs decided while watching bands on stage they could rock and roll just as well. With the girls having boyfriends in the Tuff Darts and The Sorrows, they had easy access to equipment and rehearsal time. The girls quickly formed a band, named Cheap Perfume after a Rick Derringer song. The original line up consisted of: Lynn Odell-vocals Susan Palermo-Bass Brenda Martinez-drums Nancy Street-rhythm guitar Alison Berger-lead guitar They first auditioned at CBGBs and they packed the house and Hilly was thrilled! Jane Friedman (Patti Smith Manager) took an interest in the band and helped the girls with their future gigs. While opening up for Eddie and The Hot Rods, the girls were approached by Ian Copeland from IRS records, who advised the girls they would have a future with a different guitarist… and voila! after several months Cheap Perfume formed a new line up with Bunny as lead Guitarist.


With members of the band being between the ages 17 and 22, the girls had built in following of crazed teenaged boys… Cheap 

Perfume soon was packing them in upstairs at Max’s Kansas City and everywhere else they could! After opening up for The Dead Boys at Max’s, Cheap Perfume quickly became one the “regular” bands that you could catch at Max’s Kansas City on weekends. They would either be holding up the stage or the other end of the bar. Its no wonder there was a wicked cocktail named “Cheap Perfume” on the Max’s Kansa city menu! Sharin the bill with Buzz and the Flyers, John Otway, Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers, Dead Boys, the Rattlers, the Senders, Ramones, the Revlons, The Waldos, The Tuff Darts and many, many others… Cheap Perfume rocked! Cheap Perfume has recently gotten together once again and performed some gigs at CBGBS and Don Hills… stay posted for future dates!


“Too Bad” into “Love Is Bittersweet”


At Max’s Kansas City 1979


Forever Damaged



Susan Palermo – Bass
Bunny Le Desma – Lead Guitar
Lynn Odell – Lead Singer
Brenda Martinez – Drummer
Nancy Street – Guitarist



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