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HBOT - Harch HyperbaricsHBOT - Harch Hyperbarics Hyperbaric oxygen therapy New Orleans, LA. HBOT for neurological and other medical conditions Brain trauma injury, neurological disorders, burns, HBOT medicine information by Paul Harch M.D. Website built on the Drupal CMS platform, implementing PHP, XHTML, Ajax, Java Script, custom templates and modules. Web design, Java Script, CSS, search engine optimization (SEO), programming and graphics by Infinitee Web Design.

This is a fascinating under recognized and extremely valuable treatment resource for innumerable aliments. Our dear old friends Dr Paul Harch (a pioneer in the field) and Juliette Lucarini RN (his wonderful wife) have dedicated their lives and expert knowledge to help promote and explore the seemingly endless value to this pure oxygen therapy. Their unyielding dedication into the research and development of this technology and it's application to our past war heroes and Veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars is a monument to the good that the medical industry can do with the right tools.

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