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Optimizing Drupal websites for all mobile devices

Drupal Mobile Devices & CSS Tutorial Concept:

Optimizing Drupal websites for all mobile devices Tutorial

Tutorial on optimizing Drupal websites for all mobile devices, iPhones and iPads with CSS. This includes all iPhones 4 through iPhone 6 Plus in both landscape and portrait views. It is best implemented on Drupal themes that are not 100% mobile device friendly and or, you have created custom themes, regions within your theme or, added custom blocks that to not quite display as you would like them to on all mobile devices and in both portrait ans landscape modes.



Work flow:

  1. Creating a mobile.css file and assets directory.
  2. Linking the mobile.css file to your html.tpl.php file.
  3. Editing CSS off site and saving edits to your production site.


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