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Flash Web Design by Infinitee Drupal web design company website created with Adobe Flash banners, video and sound elements incorporated into them.

Citadel 7 - Science Fiction Book Series by Yuan Jur Website Drupal CMS Flash video photo galleries custom theme and modules


Citadel 7



Citadel 7 

Citadel 7 - Science fiction book series by Yuan Jur. An adventure that spans physical & ethereal planes of existence. Beings great & small are thrown into turbulent adventure, war, betraya,l triumph and discovery. Reincarnated mortals stand alongside creator gods, alien races and ordinary people who do the extraordinary.

Website built on the Drupal CMS platform, implementing PHP, XHTML, custom theme, templates and modules. Web design, photo galleries, Java Script, CSS, search engine optimization (SEO), programming, Adobe Flash video editing, Flash banners and graphics by Infinitee Delaware Drupal Web Design.

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TLC Tray - Like a gift basket but, on a tray Ecommerce Web Design by Infinitee


TLC Tray



TLC Tray 

TLC Tray - Like a gift basket but, on a tray with a Bearington Teddy bear, cup, bowl, tea, instant soup, non-allergenic flowers, vase, personalized greeting card & game book. If you are looking for the perfect way to let someone special know you care, a TLC Tray may be just what you are looking for. Think of our product as a feel good gift basket served up on a tray. Not the kind of gift basket you would send your client for Christmas or your long lost cousin’s daughter for her wedding, but rather the kind of gift basket you would carry next door to a disabled neighbor, or into a sick child’s bedroom or to your best friend’s house when they were going through difficult times.

This web design required a custom Drupal theme, custom Drupal modules, blog, Ubercart ecommerce shopping cart, custom web forms, logo design, branding and graphics, a Java Script slideshow banner, search engine optimization, photography, photo editing, product development, SSL, CSS, PHP, HTML, Java Scripting and graphics by Infinitee Web Design. Commercial jingle by my dear friend Desiree for use in radio and TV commercials.





Phillip Brown Tie Dyes - Drupal Ecommerce Web Design New York T-shirt Clothing Business Website


Phillip Brown Designs & Tie Dyes



Phillip Brown Designs

Phillip Brown Tie Dyes

Phillip Brown Designs has been creating some of the worlds best tie dyed patterns on T-shirts and fabric as art for Rock n' Roll bands, T-shirt shops and tie dye blanks for silkscreen printers and artists since the early 1970's. For over 30 years his professional dye mastering has delighted his friends, customers and art lovers all over the world. Now you too can own one of these wonderful works of tie dye art directly from the artist himself. Also available are the professional graphic art services of this long time master of Mandala art by contacting us in the Woodstock, NY area at: (845) 332 4473. Phil is the tie dye artist for our other business, Infinitee Rock Band T-shirts. I highly recommend Phillip Brown for all your tie dye needs!Open Website




Learn How to Create a Flash CS5 Fading Banner Slideshow Tutorial

Learn How to Create a Flash CS4/CS5 Fading Banner Slideshow Tutorial


How to Create a Flash CS4/CS5 Fading Banner Slideshow Tutorial

This Adobe Flash CS4/CS5 tutorial will teach you how to create a fade in and fade out banner slideshow for your websites. You will need to create seven images that will make up the slideshow images and import them into the Flash CS4 Library then add to the Flash animation document stage. You will then convert the images to symbols and create Motion Tweens for your individual image layers and adjust the Color Effect Alfa type at various point in the Timeline to create an image fade in and out effect.


How to Create a Flash CS4/CS5 Fading Banner Slideshow Tutorial >


Desiree - Nashville, Tennessee Country Singer/Songwriter - Client Web Design Flash Music Jukebox


Desiree Leemets




Desiree Leemets plays Triple A Country Western, Blues, Bluegrass and Southern Rock music from Nashville, Tennessee. Singer, songwriter, performer, Recording artist, outstanding musician and guitar player. Extraordinary music for extraordinary times. website design, graphics, Java scripting, programming and search engine optimization by Infinitee Web Designs. Desiree is a very dear old friend from our NYC days.Open Website




Cactus Mountain - Custom Leather Work - Client Web Design Ecommerce PayPal Shopping Cart


Cactus Mountain



Shaun Hopper Fingerstyle Guitarist

Cactus Mountain

Cactus Mountain hand made Biker and Native American bone & horn belts, jewelry, chokers, earrings, boot straps, halters, keychains, vest extenders and much more. Out of Nashville Tennessee, top notch quality and customer service. Secure online shopping and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Cactus Mountain was completely designed and upgraded with PayPal E-commerce capabilities by our professional staff here at Infinitee Web Design. We also buy a lot of their fine products for ourselves.Open Website




HBOT - Harch Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - Client Web Design Blog Flash Video

HBOT - Harch Hyperbarics

HBOT - Harch Hyperbarics Hyperbaric oxygen therapy HBOT for neurological and other medical conditions Brain trauma injury, neurological disorders, burns, HBOT medicine information by Paul Harch M.D.

Website built on the Drupal content management system (CMS) platform implementing PHP, XHTML, Ajax, Java Script, custom templates and modules. Web design, Java Script, CSS, search engine optimization (SEO), programming and graphics by Infinitee Web Design. Loaded with user blogs, client side page creation and editing, image upload and input, gallery, forum capabilities and much more.Open Website