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Infinitee Designs - The Artwork of Ralph Hawke Manis

Infinitee Designs by Ralph Hawke Manis - Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Infinitee Designs - The Artwork of Ralph Hawke Manis

The newly redesigned from the ground up Infinitee Designs. Delaware graphic art company and design portfolio website of artist Ralph Hawke Manis (: that's me :). I finally found the time to redesign my almost 20 year old website once again and upgrade it to Drupal. With Drupal as the power house content management system running the show I can update and create new content from anywhere in the world without needing to write any code at all. I have removed all the dead links and trimmed the side down to focus on my artwork and graphics services. I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think.

De Chao Peterson Infinitee Designs built and serviced my website to the highest standards for many years. Administration feedback was always prompt, clear and professional. Ralph Manis solved any problems with a minimum of fuss, which meant my admin stress was kept low and I could focus on the purpose of the website instead of heavy time-suck duties that can be associated with web site upkeep.

Infinitee Rock Band T-shirts Drupal eCommerce Web Design

Infinitee Rock Band T-shirts in Rehoboth Beach, DelawareInfinitee Rock Band T-shirts

Infinitee Rock Band T-shirts features hand silk-screened, hand painted with airbrush original art on T-shirts, tie dyed T-shirts and crystallized T-shirts. Inspired by psychedelic 60s Rock n' Roll stars including: Carlos Santana, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia & Pigpen, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin & Reggae legend Bob Marley. We have a full line of Fantasy and Sci-fi art t-shirts as well.


Phil Brown Tie Dyes New York Web Design gets an upgrade to Drupal 7

Phil Brown Tie Dyes in New York - Professional tie dying

Phillip Brown Tie Dyes

Phil Brown Tie Dyes in New York gets an upgrade to Drupal 7 and re-design with new product displays and an easier shopping cart experience. Phillip Brown Designs has been creating some of the worlds best tie dyed patterns on T-shirts, golf shirts, adult & children's clothing, and fabric as art for Rock n' Roll bands, blanks silkscreen printers and artists since the early 1970's. For over 30 years his dye mastering has delighted his friends, customers and tie dye art lovers around the world.


Also available are custom printers blanks and professional graphic art services of this long time master of Mandala art


The Phil Brown Tie Dyes website was built on the Drupal 7 content management system (CMS) platform implementing PHP, XHTML, Ajax, Java Script, custom product types and displays, custom templates and modules, CSS, search engine optimization (SEO), programming and graphics. Loaded with a blog, client side page creation and editing, image uploading, editing and input. Web design, programming, MySQL databases, custom logos and graphics by Infinitee Web Design.


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Cultured Pearl Liquor Company 301 Rehoboth Ave. Rehoboth, Beach DE

The Cultured Pearl Liquor Company

The Cultured Pearl Liquor Company


301 Rehoboth Ave. Rehoboth, Beach DE. 302-227-6966


A "WINE CELLAR in the CELLAR" on the Two Basement Levels below The Cultured Pearl in The Shops at The Pearl Mall on the corner of Rehoboth Avenue and 4th Street. (If you find Starbucks on Rehoboth Avenue, you've found our building!) We are the same friendly faces you've seen at the other Cultured Pearl businesses for over twenty years. Ready to meet your needs for fine wine, beer and liquor in our beautiful two-level shop.


Liquor store website that was built on the Drupal CMS platform. Utilizing PHP, XHTML and Java Script implementing custom templates and modules to create a visually exciting product display experience with easy user navigation and interaction within the site for communicating and relaying information on social networking.



Infinitee Web Design Services in Rehoboth Beach, DelawareFeatures

Outsourcing nightmare fixed by Infinitee Web Design - Sunny Day Hydroponics

Baltimore Hydroponics - Acquires Sunny Day Hydroponics Super Store

Baltimore Hydroponics - Acquires Sunny Day Hydroponics

This was one of those projects that we see a lot of, the client (Sunny Day Hydroponics) hired an outsourced web design company that made lots of promises of quality work in a timely manner for a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case with outsourcing your web design projects. After nine months of battling the language barriers and constantly rising costs that were not part of the initial agreement, the customer throws in the towel and hires a local professional, Infinitee Web Design. Once we got our hands on the project and looked at what the outsourced company tried to do, we concluded that the best thing to do was to start from scratch and do it right. Once the project was completed, the client realized that Infinitee Web Design had created a working, secure and visually stunning ecommerce site in one quarter the time and for one third of the cost.


Sunny Day Hydro was recently acquired by Baltimore Hydroponics and is now even larger than ever! with this new acquisition came a new set of challenges that Infinitee Web design had to contend with. We manually edited the database to swap out all instances of Sunny Day Hydroponics with Baltimore Hydroponics and the domain name URL's as well. We re-designed the theme to the new clients logo and liking, created new hosting, ecommerce, and shipping accounts to got them up and running.


It is always better to work with a local company that you can communicate with and get together with for brain storming if needed than trying to work long distance on such an important project as your online business presence.


Pearl Essence Japanese Gifts Toys & Treasures - Rehoboth Beach, DE

Pearl Essence Japanese Gifts Toys & Treasures

Pearl Essence Japanese Gifts Toys & Treasures

Pearl Essence is the Cultured Pearl Restaurant's gift shop, located at the Pearl Mall. We have a wide variety of Japanese items, from chopsticks to beautiful Japanese ceramics and dishware. Pearl Essence is also the home of artist Maiko Saleff's Artwork. You can find her paintings and t-shirts all at Pearl Essence. And if you dine upstairs at The Cultured Pearl Restaurant you get 10% off at Pearl Essence with your receipt for that night!

This web design required a custom Drupal theme, custom Drupal modules, blog, Ubercart ecommerce shopping cart, custom web forms, logo design and graphics, a Java Script slideshow banner, search engine optimization, extra security, SSL, CSS, PHP, HTML, Java Scripting, graphics and hosting by Infinitee Web Design.




Infinitee Web Design Services in Rehoboth Beach, DelawareFeatures

Sunny Day Hydroponics Drupal & Ubercart Website Launched Delaware Ecommerce shopping cart site

Sunny Day Hydroponics

Sunny Day Hydroponics - Now Baltimore Hydroponics


A hydroponics garden supply company carrying well over 3 thousand items including growing systems, grow lights, organic nutrients, fertilizers, air purification filters and more. Baltimore Hydroponics is the largest distributor and retailer of hydroponic supplies on the Delmarva peninsula serving Rehoboth Beach, DE, MD, PA & VA.

High security Ubercart E-commerce shopping cart website built on the Drupal CMS platform, implementing PHP, XHTML, Ajax, Java Script, custom templates and modules. Web design, programming, MySQL databases, custom logos and graphics by Infinitee Web Design.


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Infinitee Designs Artist Ralph Hawke Manis' 3D Artist Portfolio and Art Information Website

Infinitee Rock Band T-shirts

Infinitee Designs Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Infinitee Designs Artist and founder of this and many other sites, Ralph Manis' 3D Artists Portfolio, tutorials and resource website. Filled with Art galleries of 3D computer graphics, advertising, 100's of tutorials, 3D models, 2D illustration, full Web design services, sci-fi, fantasy, Rock n Roll tie dyed T-shirts, CD & book covers, prints, posters, free wallpaper, photography, artists links, Autodesk Maya, 3D Studio Max, Poser, Bryce & Photoshop digital art by Ralph Hawke Manis.

Inside you will find galleries of 3D computer graphics, 2D Photoshop illustrations and fine art of many different styles and various techniques. A top level Delaware based Website design and graphics company for over ten years, Infinitee Designs Internet services covers a broad spectrum of business and personal level computer Web design, domain name acquisition, hosting and digital computer graphics needs. For my fellow artist we serve the digital graphics community with hundreds of tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, 3D Studio Max tutorials and Flash as well as free 3D models for 3D Studio Max and Autodesk Maya.

This is an old HTML hand coded site that started back in 1998 and has lead to the development of Infinitee Web Design and the high level of Drupal web design that we deliver today. One of these days we hope to find the time to upgrade Infinitee Designs to a Drupal backend with Ubercart ecommerce. Due to the fact that there are over 1,700 pages of art and artists information on the site it may take a while. Until then, enjoy!


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