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Citadel 7 2015

Infinitee Web Design Services in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Citadel 7

Citadel 7 - Science fiction novel book series by Yuan Jur. An adventure that spans physical & ethereal planes of existence. Beings great & small are thrown into turbulent adventure, war, betrayal, l triumph and discovery. Reincarnated mortals stand alongside creator gods, alien races and ordinary people who do the extraordinary.

Website redesigned and database imported from an old WordPress. The new built is on the Drupal 7 CMS platform, implementing PHP, XHTML, custom theme, templates and modules. Web design, blog, photo galleries, Java Script, CSS, search engine optimization (SEO), programming, Adobe Flash video editing, Flash banners and graphics by Infinitee Delaware Drupal Web Design. We also, do the visual character development illustrations and book covers for Citadel 7!

January 2014: Citadel 7 Allies in Anarchy – Book 4 wins 1st place in Space Opera genre at the Chanticleer Blue Ribbon Cygnus Awards.

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Christopher Manis Photography upgraded and re-designed

Hanna Reimann - New York City singer, songwriter, concert pianist, composer and actor

Christopher Manis - Professional New York City photographer

Chris Manis photography services include head shots, product image promotion, still photographs, portraits, advertising promos & weddings albums.

A good photograph needs good light, a good camera and a good eye... A great photograph needs a professional photographer!

Christopher Manis Photography website was built on the Drupal CMS platform with PHP, HTML, XHTML & Java Script. Custom slideshow views and photo galleries, custom templates and modules, CSS, search engine optimization (SEO), programming and graphics. Loaded with client side page creation and editing, image and photo media uploading, editing and input. Web design, programming, MySQL databases, custom logo and graphics by Infinitee Web Design.


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The Art by Maiko Saleff website built with Drupal CMS and SEO

Artist Maiko Saleff - Millsboro, DE. My artwork comes from my Japanese origin, culture and tradition.

Artist Maiko Saleff - Millsboro, DE.

Water is an important element in my art work. I use water to let colors flow freely into the canvas.

I grew up in Katsuura, another small beach town in the east of Japan. I studied Scenic Art for Theater at Temple University in Philadelphia and was trained to reproduce someone else's art on stage (which is also an exciting work to do!).

It is important for me to work on my own independent painting projects. In my own work, I like to express where I am from and who I am, sort of like my identity. I appreciate the culture and tradition of my country. It is comforting for me to paint the subjects remind me of my home. I hope my paintings can deliver a similar kind of comfort to you as well.

My artwork comes from my Japanese origin, culture and tradition. Each art piece that I create gives me a sense of comfort. I hope that you can feel the same from my work as well.

Karen S. Schaffel - NY Artist in the Hudson Valley Drupal Gallery Website

Infinitee Web Design Services in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Karen S. Schaffel - NY Artist's Website

Karen S. Schaffel is a NY artist who was replanted and has been growing in the Hudson Valley. Paintings in collage and other works of art from old dear friend and fellow artist.


Multiple capabilities for diferent art galleries with unlimited numbers of paintings and photographs. Web design required a custom Drupal theme, custom Drupal modules, custom web forms, logo design and graphics, Lightbox slideshows, search engine optimization, CSS, PHP, HTML, Java Scripting, graphics and advanced hosting plan by Infinitee Web Design.

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Infinitee Designs Artist Ralph Hawke Manis' 3D Artist Portfolio and Art Information Website

Infinitee Rock Band T-shirts

Infinitee Designs Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Infinitee Designs Artist and founder of this and many other sites, Ralph Manis' 3D Artists Portfolio, tutorials and resource website. Filled with Art galleries of 3D computer graphics, advertising, 100's of tutorials, 3D models, 2D illustration, full Web design services, sci-fi, fantasy, Rock n Roll tie dyed T-shirts, CD & book covers, prints, posters, free wallpaper, photography, artists links, Autodesk Maya, 3D Studio Max, Poser, Bryce & Photoshop digital art by Ralph Hawke Manis.

Inside you will find galleries of 3D computer graphics, 2D Photoshop illustrations and fine art of many different styles and various techniques. A top level Delaware based Website design and graphics company for over ten years, Infinitee Designs Internet services covers a broad spectrum of business and personal level computer Web design, domain name acquisition, hosting and digital computer graphics needs. For my fellow artist we serve the digital graphics community with hundreds of tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, 3D Studio Max tutorials and Flash as well as free 3D models for 3D Studio Max and Autodesk Maya.

This is an old HTML hand coded site that started back in 1998 and has lead to the development of Infinitee Web Design and the high level of Drupal web design that we deliver today. One of these days we hope to find the time to upgrade Infinitee Designs to a Drupal backend with Ubercart ecommerce. Due to the fact that there are over 1,700 pages of art and artists information on the site it may take a while. Until then, enjoy!


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Re-design of Fantasia Faces to Drupal CMS with Slideshow Banner, Photo Galleries & Blog

Fantasia Faces - Professional face painting artist specializing in hand painting kids & adults for parties & special occasions around the NYC Long Island areas.

Fantasia Faces - Long Island, NY

Rebuilt from the ground up on the Open Source Drupal content management system by our good friends Infinitee Web Design. Fantasia Faces is filled with new flashy photo galleries, more information, search capabilities and a blog. "We hope to bring you the very best in face painting content and information."

Complete website re-design with elements featuring custom slideshows, photo galleries and portfolios face painting full body painting and glitter temporary tattoos. Website was built on a Drupal CMS, PHP, XHTML and Java Script platform implementing custom templates and modules to create a visually exciting multi media experience with easy user navigation and interaction within the site.


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The Rich/Nichols Wedding Website - Drupal CMS Friends & Family Community Photo Gallery


Jeanne Rich Software Engineer



Infinitee Web Design Services in Rehoboth Beach, DelawareThe Rich/Nichols Wedding Website - Drupal CMS Friends & Family Community Photo Gallery   

It was an honor to be asked to create this website for one of my dearest old friends Jeanne Rich who is a software engineer for Industrial Light & Magic and her now husband Stephen Nichols. After a beautiful ceremony at the famous Little Church of the West and reception in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago we are all still reeling. We went to see U2 (Best show I have ever seen!) and Alice Copper (Strangest show I have ever seen!) gambled a little, partied a little and had a great time.

As a wedding gift, Jeanne asked if I would make her a website that all the friends and family could upload all the photographs to. So, here it is... For friends and family only to create an account and easily create a personal photo gallery to upload to and share all the wonderful memories. Not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

This site was built with private access in mind so, just friends and family could use the gallery creation and photo upload capabilities. Each member receives a unique member area, blog and photo gallery that is viewable to the public.