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Gray Colored Websites built and designed with Drupal content management system by Infinitee Drupal Web Design company in Rehoboth Beach Delaware.

Infinitee Designs - The Artwork of Ralph Hawke Manis

Infinitee Designs by Ralph Hawke Manis - Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Infinitee Designs - The Artwork of Ralph Hawke Manis

The newly redesigned from the ground up Infinitee Designs. Delaware graphic art company and design portfolio website of artist Ralph Hawke Manis (: that's me :). I finally found the time to redesign my almost 20 year old website once again and upgrade it to Drupal. With Drupal as the power house content management system running the show I can update and create new content from anywhere in the world without needing to write any code at all. I have removed all the dead links and trimmed the side down to focus on my artwork and graphics services. I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think.

De Chao Peterson Infinitee Designs built and serviced my website to the highest standards for many years. Administration feedback was always prompt, clear and professional. Ralph Manis solved any problems with a minimum of fuss, which meant my admin stress was kept low and I could focus on the purpose of the website instead of heavy time-suck duties that can be associated with web site upkeep.

Karen S. Schaffel - NY Artist in the Hudson Valley Drupal Gallery Website

Infinitee Web Design Services in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Karen S. Schaffel - NY Artist's Website

Karen S. Schaffel is a NY artist who was replanted and has been growing in the Hudson Valley. Paintings in collage and other works of art from old dear friend and fellow artist.


Multiple capabilities for diferent art galleries with unlimited numbers of paintings and photographs. Web design required a custom Drupal theme, custom Drupal modules, custom web forms, logo design and graphics, Lightbox slideshows, search engine optimization, CSS, PHP, HTML, Java Scripting, graphics and advanced hosting plan by Infinitee Web Design.

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Drive Your Dream Car Now - You can finally get the car that you have always wanted

Drive Your Dream Car Now

Drive Your Dream Car Now

At Drive Your Dream Car Now you can finally get the car that you have always wanted without the hassle of standard vehicle acquisition outlets. No credit checks, no kidding! With easy payment plans custom designed to your fit personal needs and budget. Get the car or vehicle you have always dreamed of... Family SUVs or high end luxury vehicles like Lexus, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, ssports cars like Porsche or Ferrari! How about a Mustang Mach1 GT 5.0? The choice is yours!

Featuring custom slideshows, photo galleries and portfolios depicting the high quality vehicles available at Drive Your Dream Car Now. Website was built on a Drupal CMS, PHP, XHTML and Java Script platform implementing custom templates and modules to create a visually exciting multi media experience with easy user navigation and interaction within the site.


More about The Drive Your Dream Car Now Website >

Phillip Brown Tie Dyes - Drupal Ecommerce Web Design New York T-shirt Clothing Business Website


Phillip Brown Designs & Tie Dyes



Phillip Brown Designs

Phillip Brown Tie Dyes

Phillip Brown Designs has been creating some of the worlds best tie dyed patterns on T-shirts and fabric as art for Rock n' Roll bands, T-shirt shops and tie dye blanks for silkscreen printers and artists since the early 1970's. For over 30 years his professional dye mastering has delighted his friends, customers and art lovers all over the world. Now you too can own one of these wonderful works of tie dye art directly from the artist himself. Also available are the professional graphic art services of this long time master of Mandala art by contacting us in the Woodstock, NY area at: (845) 332 4473. Phil is the tie dye artist for our other business, Infinitee Rock Band T-shirts. I highly recommend Phillip Brown for all your tie dye needs!Open Website




Jeanne Rich Software Engineer - Client Personal Web Design 3D Graphics Logo SEO


Jeanne Rich Software Engineer



Jeanne Rich Software Engineer

My dear friend Jeanne Rich's website is proudly being hosted by Infinitee Web Design. Jeanne M. Rich has been a top notch software engineer since the beginning of time and has worked for such prestigious companies as Silicon Graphics, Electronic Arts, eMOTION and is now employed by George Lucas at Industrial Light + Magic. Jeanne is the friend that got me into computers... Thanks Jeanne! We are having a lot of fun with the Drupal CMS coding of this site. Custom Drupal theme, modules, logo design, search engine optimization, PHP, HTML, Java Scripting and cool graphics.Open Website




Art of Spirit - Artwork of Ellie Morin - Client Web Design CSS Meta Tags Art Galleries SEO

Art of Spirit - Ellie Morin



Art of Spirit - Ellie Morin

Art of Spirit Galleries is dedicated to capturing the emotions, expressions and texturings of 3D characters ranging from fantasy, spiritual and figure studies to the human emotion. Web design, graphics, programming and search engine optimization by Infinitee Web Solutions.

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