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Art Fair 14C - Jersey City, NJ WordPress Website Redesign


There are currently more than 200 art fairs around the world, including more than two dozen in New York City, but none accomplishes what 14C can.

The rise of the global art fair has been blamed for the decline of brick and mortar galleries, but Art Fair 14C will allow galleries to take advantage of the opportunities of an art fair, strengthen their client base and giving exposure to their artists, while not imperiling their businesses with potentially ruinous fees.

Art fairs have become incredible engines for art sales – the latest data has art fairs accounting for 46% of global art sales – but the art fair model, where booths can cost tens of thousands of dollars, is an often inaccessible and unaffordable one for small and medium sized galleries, which are the vast majority in New Jersey.



Art Fair 14C has a unique business model.  We are an initiative of a 501c3 non-profit, the Jersey City Arts Council, and are blessed with extraordinary sponsors and partners who support our mission to strengthen, and expand the reach of, the visual arts.


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