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Désirée's Music

Désirée's Music - Nashville, TN

Désirée's Music - Nashville, TN

Désirée Leemets plays Triple A Country Western and Southern rock music in Nashville, Tennessee. Singer, songwriter, performer, Recording artist, outstanding musician and guitar player. Extraordinary music for extraordinary times.

Desiree was born in NYC, NY & grew up in New Paltz, NY. She spent six years in Virginia and attended Old Dominion University on a tennis scholarship where she majored in International Marketing. She took a summer off to compete in the European professional tennis circuit. She enjoyed music as a release from the pressures of sports but, she soon realized that music had become the dominating force in her life and it became a full time pursuit. Her sharply honed performance skills can be attributed to several years traveling & performing solo throughout the US & Europe.

Website design, graphics, Java scripting, programming and search engine optimization by Infinitee Web Designs. Desiree is a very dear old friend from our younger days in NYC.

If you believe, all the dreams in your heart can come true... Disney

Michael Mendelson Archives

The Michael Mendelson Archives - Bay Area, CA

The Michael Mendelson Archives - Bay Area, CA

We built static the original HTML and JavaScript Michael Mendelson Archives website about 15 years ago and because Michael wants to add some new photographs, it was about time to upgrade the whole site to a modern Drupal CMS platform. This way he can log on and upload as many archival photos as he need and everything will be automated as far as the structure, display, SEO and mobile capabilities are concerned. Because Michale's Photographs are so important as a historical documentation of the music scene in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, we decided to use the Slick library of modules to build a custom slideshow style portfolio/gallery display with vanishing thumbnails and swipe capabilities. This made for a slick, cool and fun way to experience the photography of this legendary photographers collection of work.

The Michael Mendelson Archives presents photographs of legendary musicians. Rock n Roll legends like Jerry Garcia, Gregg Allman, Johnny Winter, Aaron Neville, Buddy Miles, Mike Bloomfield, Ozzy Osbourne, Chrissie Hynde, Jimmy Cliff and many more.

Lewes Yacht Hotel Drupal Website Design

Artist Maiko Saleff - Millsboro, DE.

Lewes Yacht Hotel - Lewes, DE.

Details about each boat can be found on the website or, by contacting Rock On Rentals LLC for availability. Feel free to call or text Ken Owens at 302-236-1241. You can also email us for information regarding vessel relocations, dinner cruises or whale watching aboard your floating hotel or other local venues. Many choices exist locally for on and off shore fishing and sightseeing.

Lewes Yacht Hotel - Rent a yacht for the time of your life! Rent for a day, a week or, a month. For a vacation or, fishing trip. Fully stocked and ready to go.

All three vessels are collocated in the same marina thus, allowing for groups to have private accommodations while using M/V Last Chance as the "Mother Ship" for dinner or cocktail parties on the upper aft deck... Live music can enhance that special evening with friends aboard!

Christopher Manis Photography upgraded and re-designed

Hanna Reimann - New York City singer, songwriter, concert pianist, composer and actor

Christopher Manis - Professional New York City photographer

Chris Manis photography services include head shots, product image promotion, still photographs, portraits, advertising promos & weddings albums.

A good photograph needs good light, a good camera and a good eye... A great photograph needs a professional photographer!

Christopher Manis Photography website was built on the Drupal CMS platform with PHP, HTML, XHTML & Java Script. Custom slideshow views and photo galleries, custom templates and modules, CSS, search engine optimization (SEO), programming and graphics. Loaded with client side page creation and editing, image and photo media uploading, editing and input. Web design, programming, MySQL databases, custom logo and graphics by Infinitee Web Design.


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Helen Oppenheim Hair Fashion Photo Archives

Helen Oppenheim | Hair Fashion Photo Archives

Helen Oppenheim | Hair Fashion Photo Archives


Helen Oppenheim's history of hair styles & stylists, fashion arts, models, photographers, designers and photo archives of the fashion industry. From the 60's to modern day, Helen's documentation and reputation for the knowledge of the industry speaks for it's self in the pages of her website.


Helen came to us from a friend with a broken and battered WordPress website that had not been published yet and was in need of a complete overhaul. When all updates and upgrades to the WordPress core and all plugins done, we centered our attention to customizing the site to Helen's very specific design need and desires. The final product is a customized WordPress CMS style photo gallery website with a customer specific look and operation. Built with WordPress with lots of custom CSS, PHP, Java Script, HTML, XML and plugin hacksOpen Website



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James Manis - Actor, Los Angeles, CA Drupal Website Design

A Model Community-Based Residential Treatment Program

James Manis - Actor, Los Angeles, CA


Born: April 18, 1939 in Gary, Indiana, USA. Jim Manis is a retired actor, who now resides in Los Angeles, CA after a long and ilustrious career in film and television.


Infinitee web design is proud to have been chosen to build and host the Drupal based website for James Manis who is best know for his iconic roll as the Italian playboy Aldo Cella, spokesman for Cella Lambrusco vineyards. He is also, my father so, I had to do it! Jimi as he is affectionately referred to, has been fortunate enough to have worked with the likes of George Burns, Art Carney, Lee Strasberg, Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks.


This web design required a custom Drupal theme, custom Drupal modules, blog, custom web forms, logo design and graphics, a Java Script slideshow banner, search engine optimization, CSS, PHP, HTML, Java Scripting, MySQL database and hosting by Infinitee Web Design.

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Darrah's Landscape Construction Bear Delaware Hardscapes & Swimming Pools


Darrah's Landscape Construction



Darrah's Landscape Construction

Rebuilt from the ground up on the Open Source Drupal content management system. The new Darrah's Landscape Construction website contains easy to use functionality, social media enhancements, comprehensive slideshows, hardscape and landscape information, updates through the blog and photo galleries of the beautiful work they do.

Complete website re-design with elements featuring custom slideshows, photo galleries. website was built on the Drupal CMS platform with PHP, HTML, XHTML, MySQL, CSS and Java Script implementing custom Drupal themes, templates, modules and graphics to create a visually exciting multi media experience with easy user navigation and interaction within the site.

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The Rich/Nichols Wedding Website - Drupal CMS Friends & Family Community Photo Gallery


Jeanne Rich Software Engineer



Infinitee Web Design Services in Rehoboth Beach, DelawareThe Rich/Nichols Wedding Website - Drupal CMS Friends & Family Community Photo Gallery   

It was an honor to be asked to create this website for one of my dearest old friends Jeanne Rich who is a software engineer for Industrial Light & Magic and her now husband Stephen Nichols. After a beautiful ceremony at the famous Little Church of the West and reception in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago we are all still reeling. We went to see U2 (Best show I have ever seen!) and Alice Copper (Strangest show I have ever seen!) gambled a little, partied a little and had a great time.

As a wedding gift, Jeanne asked if I would make her a website that all the friends and family could upload all the photographs to. So, here it is... For friends and family only to create an account and easily create a personal photo gallery to upload to and share all the wonderful memories. Not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

This site was built with private access in mind so, just friends and family could use the gallery creation and photo upload capabilities. Each member receives a unique member area, blog and photo gallery that is viewable to the public.