Custom T-shirt Design, Band Graphics and Promotional Merchandise

Custom T-shirt Design, Band Graphics and Promotional Merchandise

Infinitee Custom T-shirt Design and Graphics

There’s nothing like a cool rockin’ t-shirt design to use as merchandise for you, your friends and fans to promote your band or business. Selling this wearable advertising can help pay for equipment and business expenses as well! We have been designing original custom t-shirt designs for over forty years for not only musicians and their bands but, schools, sports teams, business promotions and special events.

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Custom T-shirt, Posters & Logo Graphics

Infinitee Custom Artwork

We specialize in custom band t-shirts & posters, business promotion, branding and logo design of all kinds. From a simple graphic logo to an elaborate custom work of art to help promote your needs with high resolution artwork and graphics that will wow the crowds. We work very closely with our clients to bring their vision to life.

Please check out our graphics website to see the infinite level of our capabilities. Infinitee Designs is aimed at displaying our artist Ralph Manis’ portfolio of traditional and digital art and at educating aspiring, as well as, established artists in computer digital art, illustration, 3D modeling and animation.

Custom Silk Screen T-shirt Printing

From Concept to Finished Printing…

Once your custom t-shirt design is ready for printing, we can take care of all the specifics for you with our good friends at Cosmic Custom Screen Printing.

So Many Roads is equipped to do high quality full color prints on t-shirts and other garments. They specialize in four color process and spot color printing – up to seven colors.

With a a white coat of ink to start with dark colored and dyed garments are not a problem. Cosmic Custom Screen Printing will professionally color separate your art so it stands out on almost any background. They can also print sweatshirts, ladies’ tops and most anything that fits on the silk screen printing press. We can order your garments for you from a wide variety of colored shirts, of course black & white or even tie dyed garments. Check out their website at: Cosmic Custom Screen Printing.

Custom Tie Dyed T-shirts and 100% Cotton Clothing from Phil Brown Tie Dyes

Custom Tie Dye Services

Need your own special tie dye colors and patterns? Working with our partner Phillip Brown Tie Dyes we can take care of all the specifics, details and hassle of having your very own custom tie dye clothing made for you. We can tie dye any 100% cotton garment you can find, from men’s and women’s t-shirts and tank tops to dress shirts, dresses and kid’s clothing. You give us a color scheme, pick out a tie dye pattern and type of garment you desire and we’ll do the rest. Contact us for more information on custom tie dyed clothing. Wholesale orders welcome! Minimum order of one dozen garments.