I would like to personally thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart! It gives me great joy to create art and to be appreciated for it is beyond my limited words.

I love Ralph’s artwork! I have his prints on my walls and his t-shirts in my closet! Everyone in my my family has one of his t-shirts too!

Greer Thompson

In preparation for my visit to Mexico to see Furthur (Paradise Waits shows at the Hard Rock), I dug through my old Dead shirt collection and found 4, count em 4 shirts purchased from Ralph between 1983 and 1988. Two of them have been preserved (never worn – Pigpen, fantasy lade w/ Jerry on the back), 1 had too many holes so I cut it down to keep the art only (don’t know the name, and don’t see it on the site here), and Frank Zappa!

We will proudly wear 2 of these shirts for vintage shirt night! Just thought you’d like to know.


Got my beautiful Bluesy mama t shirt today, after just 3 days in the mail from the USA!!! I love it ♥, and I have ordered one more of course 🙂 I didn’t know there was print on the back, you should show that in your t-shirt photos…..

Best regards.

Lillian from Norway 🙂

I did receive an incredible birthday gift last night! It is my honor to have HAZE gracing my wall at this moment in time. You are 1 of my favorite human beings. Your work touches my soul and I am very proud and honored to have your work.
Thank You Brother…

The Soul Healers


“I came across your site the other day looking for cool t-shirt designs. I was totally blown away by the vividness and detail of some of the shirts. I especially liked the “Dragon Lady” design. I’ve seen other art in the sci-fi/ fantasy rock genre before but never anything like this! I like how dense the scene is and how bright air brush painting looks. I would like to see more pieces in a similar style.”



Hey Ralph!!

I just got in off the road about an hour ago….

All I can say is…………………………. WOW!! YOU NEVER STOP F*&^$%*%#@! AMAZING ME!!!!!! (pardon the French!!)

I Love You!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!!….. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!

Love, Kajsa


Hi People,

I have just stumbled upon this site by accident and I have to tell you guys that this site is amazing. The attention to detail and artwork are amazing.

Keep up the good work,


“I just discovered your creations and I was so amazed by 2 of them: Space Maiden & Windows of the Worlds. These pictures are so totally like my space that two days later, I am still under shock. I never found before an artist who can duplicate with our present technical means, parts of my universe, and the feeling is so great! Thank you!”


Oh my gosh!!! I found this piece of art I love!!! I had this picture saved before, but my comp broke down,and while I was surfin the art, I am so pleased I have it again… Girl on a Cliff reminds me of my own imagination,I at times while daydreaming wish I can sit on the edge of a cliff naked!..lol… actually her hair even looks somewhat like mine… hee hee….. the butt?? hmmm…. yea I’m small…lol…. speaking of hair, I love yours….. got a painting of you? thanks for sharing your art!!


Dear Ralph….. It has been a pleasure to do business with you… and thank you not only for your quick response… but, also for your incredible artwork…. I will be sure to pass along your website to my friends…


Dude, u rock at drawing all those are amazing especially the ones of Lennon and Hendrix. keep up the awesome work man.


Just received my daughter’s Door Ways White T-shirt. It’s gorgeous. What a work of art.

Thank you also for the little extra something – the decal. As I said to her, it’s really nice to buy things from a person and not from a huge conglomerate. The decal will be going on my car, which may become hers when she gets her license!

All the best to you,

I came on your site purely by accident I was gob smacked by its contents and illustrations in fact I was on it looking at the many various sections and felt I should e-mail you with thanks for allowing me to spend a very interesting afternoon on your site Here in Devon, United Kingdom

Thank you again,
Martin Smith

Hi Ralph!

Just wanted to let you know I received my t-shirt today and it is absolutely gorgeous! You do awesome work… and your customer service is spectacular as well. Blessings & Light to you.

Sheryl, Anchorage, AK

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