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Rich Nichols Wedding Website



Rich Nichols Wedding Website   

Rich Nichols Wedding Website – It was an honor to be asked to create this website for one of my dearest old friends Jeanne Rich who is a software engineer for Industrial Light & Magic and her now husband Stephen Nichols. After a beautiful ceremony at the famous Little Church of the West and reception in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago we are all still reeling. We went to see U2 (Best show I have ever seen!) and Alice Copper (Strangest show I have ever seen!) gambled a little, partied a little and had a great time.

As a wedding gift, Jeanne asked if I would make her a website that all the friends and family could upload all the photographs to. So, here it is… For friends and family only to create an account and easily create a personal photo gallery to upload to and share all the wonderful memories. Not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

This site was built with private access in mind so, just friends and family could use the gallery creation and photo upload capabilities. Each member receives a unique member area, blog and photo gallery that is viewable to the public.

My dear friend Jeanne Rich’s Website is proudly being hosted by Infinitee Web Design. Jeanne has been a top notch software engineer since the beginning of time and has worked for such prestigious companies as Silicon Graphics, Electronic Arts, eMOTION and is now employed by George Lucas at Industrial Light + Magic in San Francisco, California. Jeanne is the friend that got me into computers… Thanks Jeanne!




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