Infinite Web Design Concepts

There are a Billion ways to design a successful website…

Infinite Web Design Concepts – But there’s only one way to do it for your particular business… The right way. The Infinitee way!


Infinite Web Design Concepts

Infinite Web Design Concepts – The Hardest Part of Web Design…


Infinite web design concepts, the possibilities are limitless. Developing a fresh new concept for a website is one of the hardest parts of our job but, one that we enjoy for it’s brain teasing and creativity. Color schemes, site theme, design and production development are all integral ingredients to a successful website. We concentrate on just what your sites main emphases is and develop an overall concept for your needs.

Our team finds this aspect of site design not only exciting and creative but, a whole lot of fun. We enjoy the challenge of creating new and cutting edge concepts and design for our clients and hope you will join in the fun.


What we need to help you

Most individuals and companies have a basic idea and favorite colors that they would like to see implemented into there Website. This helps us a lot and is a great starting point. If you do not have any idea of what you would your website to look and feel like, have a look at our portfolio for web design ideas. A great way to point us in the right direction is, while surfing the Internet, collect some links to websites that you like and send them to us. Point out the particular things that you like or dislike about each site.

Graphics and Photos

Send us any graphics that you may have of your logo and photographs of your products and page elements, etc. Sending high resolution photographs are essentioal to a stunning visual experience for your visitors. Good quality, professional looking imagery can make all the difference between a good website and a top of the line website.


With Infinite Web Design Concepts… Text is the most important content type!

To get started we will need a least one paragraph that discribes the content and purpous of your website and or business. The text that is on each page is the main factor in which the search engine categorize and catalog your web pages for their listings. Therefore, the textual content of each page will determine it’s inclusion or exclusion and position in the search results. Your website listing well in the search engines is vital to your business’ success. So in conclusion, write carefully, honestly and don’t hold back. Make yourself sound as good as you are!


To get started, gather up as much information about your business or website’s content and send it to us. The more information the better!


Things we need from you to get started:

Photographs of merchandise, business logos and any other images that you would like added to your site. These photographs should be accompanied by a text document with the images file names, images title and a short description.

Copy of the text information that will be the content of your Website. This copy should be in digital format created with text applications Word, Notepad or other similar text document format. We highly recommend Notepad ++. Please keep in mind that the search engines pick up on the text that lies within your pages and uses this text in the placement of your site.

Product titles, descriptions prices, sizes, colors, serial numbers if applicable.

A few paragraphs about your company, it’s history, purpose, goals, contact information and legal notices.

Your color preferences, preferably three compatible colors to start and well take it from there.

Photographs and graphics should be in digital format or you can mail us any hard copy images to us and we will professionally scan and process them.



Infinite Web Design Concepts – Heres just a few…

Infinite web design concepts available for your website and business. Visualization of a dream is our primary business. Specializing in WordPress & Drupal web design.