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Managing your website should be easy, and so, now it is!

Content Management Systems – WordPress and Drupal are both elegant and powerful with their ease of use and ability to amaze. So, what are you waiting for?

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Content Management Systems & (CMS) Migration


Content Management Systems – Drupal

Drupal open source content management platform is our CMS of choice for it’s extreme power and versatility in all aspects of database driven web development. With almost limitless capabilities, websites built on Drupal are some of the largest and smallest in the industry and you probably don’t even know you are looking at a Drupal site. From some of the largest enterprise corporate websites to the mom and pop shops around the corner, the power and functionality of Drupal is just what you are looking for. Infinitee Web Design is capable and ready to build any type of online presence for you with Drupal.


Content Management Systems – WordPress

WordPress a very well designed easy to use and powerful open source blog platform that can be used for any web presence needs. That is to say, with many of the same features as Drupal and Joomla’s blog capabilities. There are many free themes and themes for sale through third party theme sites WordPress can be used as an easy to use blog and or complete website if you like.


Content Management Systems – Joomla

With many years of experience with CMS platforms we do highly recommend WordPress or Drupal as a first choice for whatever your needs are. WordPress is a very popular and versatile CMS with tons of beautiful themes and plugins with lot’s of bells and whistles to create fun and exciting websites with. It  is just as powerful and expandable and our favorite CMS. Joomla is a less popular open source content management system. 

WordPress is a lot easier right out of the box for the do it your self types that have some knowledge of web design, HTML and CSS and want to expand their capabilities. It’s still no small undertaking and we do recommend that if you want to dive into CMS platforms yourself that you put aside a lot of time, patience and do not try to apply these systems directly into a running production site. Most of all, don’t forget to backup, backup, backup your sites files, databases as well as any and all system settings files and folders!


Open Source CMS

“Open Source” means that thousands of top notch programmers are constantly volunteering their expertise on improving and expanding the capabilities of Drupal and WordPress’ core systems. With thousands of third party modules to chose from and new ones being created all the time the possibilities are infinite!


We can utilize any of these and many other CMS platforms like them but, we can not emphasize enough the power and expandability of Drupal and WordPress is to use for the non tech savvy. We know you have questions and hope you will not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation anytime.


About CMS Migrations

Migration from one CMS to another content management system is a common practice around here. Migrations are from some other CMS to Word Press or Drupal but, we can do any type of migration necessary.