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The sky’s the limit! With Infinitee there are no limits. Stunning web design is our middle name.


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Infinitee Web Design Company – Web Design Services

Web Design Services – Infinitee Web Designs’ purpose is to provide you and our clients the best services available at a price that won’t break the bank. We promise to meet or exceed expectations and deadlines so, your ROI is put into effect ASAP. Whether you need to open an online store and start selling right away or just want to share your precious photos with the world. Infinitee has the right tools, knowledge and the experience to fit your needs.

Using the most powerful and versatile content management systems available, Drupal and WordPress. Your website can be customized to do whatever it is you need. From a full service eCommerce shopping online experience to a world wide web social networking site. Built with all the bells and whistles that you need to create a successful project on the Internet.

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What makes us so special? No cookie cutter design done here. We will build your website to look the way you want it to and not like everybody else’s. We specialize in custom high end graphics and logo development, Drupal themes and templates, cascading style sheets or CSS, custom programming and Java Scripting. If it’s Flash you are looking for, we can recommend a professional Flash animation expert and implement their final production into your web design.

Always available to our clients on a 24 hours a day 7 days a week basis for tech support and consulting. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions that you may have regarding our web design and graphics services at:


Web Design Services – New Web DesignWeb Design Services - Web Design

We are a full service Web design company. From acquiring your domain name and setting up a hosting plan to creating high end professional graphics and building your website from the ground up. Whether you need a dynamic content management system like Drupal, Joomla or WordPress, an e-commerce store that accepts credit cards and PayPal or just a few pages for advertising a new product, Infinitee can develop just what you need and then some!


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Web Design Services – Website RedesignWeb Design Services - Website Redesign

We can redesign the layout, graphics and code of an existing website to enhance the appearance to whatever specifications you desire. Whether it is to bring your website up to today’s standards or just to have a new look. We can transform your present static website into a database driven dynamic website that you control the input content of. Need a blog, site search engine, forum or photo gallery? We can make your site much more interesting and interactive for your visitors and much easier for you to operate.

We can also reconstruct the source code to insure that your website is accepted by all the major search engines.

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Web Design Services – WordPress Web DesignWeb Design Services - eCommerce Website Development

WordPress is the leading web design platform for just about everything on the web these days. Using WordPress is fun and easier that most other content management systems. It’s still not for the less than tech savvy but it is a lot more fun to work with. Infinitee Web Design has been building websites with WordPress since the beginning and have started working with it more exclusively lately. We find that our clients are more inclined to edit their own websites more with often with WordPress than other CMS’ and that’s good for everyone.

We love working with WordPress and are confident that you will too.

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Web Design Services – Concept and Web DevelopmentWeb Design Services - Concept and Web Development

Concept in Web design, graphics and Internet marketing are some of our favorite challenges to undertake. It’s no game to us but, we sure love to play. Our high octane graphics department tackles the problems of creating something new and exciting with pleasure every day and all day long. Our Web development team is always on top of the latest developments in Web technology, standards and implementation so, our customers can enjoy the best of what the Web has to offer and know that we are there to back them up 100%.

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Web Design Services – eCommerce Website DevelopmentWeb Design Services - eCommerce Website Development

Everyone in the retail and or wholesale business needs an e-commerce website these days. To compete in a volatile market place your marketing needs to be aggressive and your products accessible. E-commerce Internet marketing sales can be another outlet to expand your business and reach customers that would otherwise be out of reach or like in many cases the main outlet for your business. Having an e-commerce website not only makes sale easier for your customers and you but, has the convenient capability to reach customers on a worldwide global basis.

Infinitee Web Design specializes in e-commerce website construction and marketing with over ten years of experience and proven practices that get results.

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Web Design Services – Search Engine OptimizationWeb Design Services - Search Engine Optimization

Our submission and placement strategies have been extremely successful in acquiring top 40 listings for all of are customers and clients that apply this invaluable service. We are confident that we can find a successful program that will work for you and your company as well. SEO is a standard implementation of every site we build.


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Web Design Services – Full Service Graphics DepartmentWeb Design Services - Full Service Graphics Department

Our graphic artist Ralph Manis has over 35 years experience in the graphic arts field and we’re keeping him! Infinitee has a broad knowledge of many varieties of the graphic needs of our clients. Of course Web graphics is one of our specialties but, we also manage many other large projects that include but, are not limited to:



Book Cover & Interior Illustration

CD & DVD Covers & Jackets | Software Package Design | Product Packaging Design

Small Business and Corporate Logo Design

Photo Retouching and Enhancements

Graphics File Transfers

Web Graphics for Banners and Animated Advertising

High Resolution Posters, Fine Art and Giclee Prints

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Web Design Services – HTML, PHP, CSS & Java ScriptingWeb Design Services - HTML, PHP, CSS & Java Scripting

PHP, HTML, XHTML, CSS and Java Scripting are just a small portion of the techniques used here at Infinitee Web Solutions. Our professional team of experts are fully experienced with all of the latest cutting edge technology, standards and specifications.

What ever your coding needs may be we are confident that we can come up with an affordable solution that will fulfill your every expectation.

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Web Design Services – Hosting and Domain Name SolutionsWeb Design Services - Hosting and Domain Name Solutions

We have many levels of hosting plans available from basic hosting to high level security and dedicated hosting. Some of our hosting services include domain name registration, SSL certificates for e-commerce and secure hosting, shared and dedicated servers, hosting for your Blogs, Front Page and PHP hosting… The list goes on and on.


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