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Peaceful Woods Farm - Horseback Riding Lessons
Horseback Riding Lessons
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Pony Parties!

Peaceful Woods Farm – Georgetown, Delaware

RIDING LESSONS We help by providing natural horsemanship riding lessons for adults and children of all ages. Our private backyard-barn setting allows for a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere in which to learn and grow in your horsemanship journey, and at your very own pace. HORSE TRAINING Getting started in Natural Horsemanship is a commendable goal, but not always an easy one to follow through on. I can help you through the rough spots, provide encouragement, guide you and your horse through the phases of learning and provide moral support. PONY PARTIES Pony parties using very calm, quiet and reliable ponies. Our 10 hand beautiful little white pony who loves his job. About waist high, Winter is kind and friendly; the perfect pony for small children. (Weight limit 100 lbs.) Our small brown and white Paint horse standing at 14.3 hands.
We provide natural horsemanship training for both horse and rider, horseback riding lessons and pony parties.
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