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Jack and Jill Pilates - Front Page Jack ‘n Jill San Francisco Pilates is a way of transforming your body into something that works for you, not against. Engaging the brain makes exercise more interesting, intensive and effective, bringing the results you’ve always wanted! Many of us move by imitation. It is how we first learn; by watching. The human body tends to move from the inside out, based on pattern orientation and muscular development. This means your torso accommodates the movement of your limbs, and your brain focuses on THAT limb movement. What you want is a body that moves from the inside out and a brain that focuses on that connection in the torso to support the structure.
Before working with Evan and A Pilates Mind, I was disconnected to the movement of my body. Exercise, for me, was hard work and strenuous…no pain, no gain. Yet all that changed once I started using Evan’s methodology. Now I recognize the importance of not only being physically fit, but also having a healthy mind. I have never felt better about myself! I consider Evan more than my Pilates instructor, but a dear friend. Thank you Evan! Jessica Los Angeles, CA
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