Commerce Kickstart How to create free shipping

Commerce Kickstart How to create free shipping

Updated: 11/22/2015!

Tutorial Concept:

Commerce Kickstart How to create a “Free Shipping for the Holidays” service for a limited time and offer free shipping from one time period to another like Thanksgiving to New Years Eve. We start by adding a new flat Rate shipping service and add rules to apply to all orders and that ends at a pre determined time. Of course, you can adjust these parameters to fit your needs.

This tutorial utilizes the flat rate shipping module that is already installed and configured for the Drupal Commerce Kickstart profile.

Work flow:

  • Add a new Flat Rate service.
  • Configure component by adding conditions set to commerce_order and Data comparison for time and date.
  • Hack to force new shipping rule to be selected and appear on top of shipping services lists.
  • Implement hooks in theme template.
  • Spread joy with free shipping!