Hanna Reimann - New York City singer, songwriter

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Hanna Reimann

Hanna Reimann – New York City singer, songwriter, concert pianist, composer and actor

Hannah Reimann is a classically trained New York City pianist, music teacher and actor with many talents as well a patent holder for developing an emerging piano invention to help create pianos with narrower than standard keyboards.

Hannah Reimann is a beautiful woman with a beautiful smile. Her debut CD, First Songs, is a set of beautiful ballads with beautiful arrangements and beautiful instrumental accompaniment. So, there is a lot of beauty going on here. Reimann’s range allows her to sing love songs, simple ballads, melancholy blues, and torch songs with equal gusto. Her lyrics are complex and simple; they are heartfelt and liberating. She speaks of breaking out, breaking up, lifting herself up, finding herself, and, more poignantly, of tragedy and rebirth. She is a resident of New York City and has written a very simple — yet eloquent — memorial to the tragedy of September 11, 2001, titled quite simply — and, again, eloquently — “9/11.” It is a tearjerker. Listeners will remember that tragic and infamous day, and Reimann does not get maudlin; she merely puts her feelings to music and poetry. It is a beautiful song from a beautiful woman. This is a beautiful CD from a beautiful soul.
– Jim Brenholts

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