Symmetry In Wood - Arundel, Maine

Symmetry In Wood – Arundel, Maine

Symmetry In Wood – Arundel, Maine

Symmetry In Wood – Arundel, Maine Gordon R. Merrick, creators of exotic and unique Burl veneer furniture and installations. One of a kind hand crafted fine art classic & contemporary home or office Burl veneer tables, desks, cabinets, book cases, entertainment centers, spiral staircases, jewelry boxes, finished rooms & recording studios.

Symmetry in Wood – Gordon R. Merrick of Maine, designs and fabricates one of a kind psychedelic art furniture using burled veneers to create kaleidoscopic imagery.

Gordon began doing Early American pine furniture in the woods of Maine in 1976. Through not being afraid to accept commissions that he had no idea how to fabricate he developed the knowledge and skills that later became his best attribute. After years of chasing the right market he was commissioned to design the woodworking for the interior of Mariah Carey and Tommy Mattolas residence. From there he moved into doing media based environments for both the music industry and also personal home theaters. In the recent years he has been drifting back to his early desire to create lasting works through veneering.

Mandala: A geometric pattern formed by repeated imagery. Originally the image was a form of deity and used for meditation.

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