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3D Artists Guide to Real Word Applications

“3D Artist’s Guide to Real World Applications” by Patricia Waterman

Released: August 25, 2003


Featuring the award winning 3D portrait
Angie” by Infinitee Designs artist Ralph Manis.

Angie 3D Portrait

Angie 3D Portrait Tutorial

3D Artists Guide for 3D artists. Will discuss many of the options available today for 3D artist, and provide tutorials on how to prepare 3D artwork for many formats; the web, video tape, CD ROM, etc. A top level high end step-by-step tutorial book on 3D art, artists and real world commercial applications.

With over a decade of “real world” experience, and extensive research in the area of 3D art application, the author shares with you the most exciting, professional-looking, and most easily applied ways available today, for the presentation of 3D art. The 3D Artist’s Guide to Real World Applications will make you more marketable, by providing you with more expertise to offer an employer or a client.

The presentation methods taught in this book will help make your 3D artwork, or your client’s products standout above all the rest! Through exciting, and new presentations that catch the target audiences’ attention, you will get more job offers, more sales, and more “green lights” for your projects! This book opens your eyes to the vast array if innovative and highly effective ways of applying your services as a 3D artist in the business world that are not readily thought of.

You will learn about untapped areas of application that are not already overly saturated with other competing 3D artists. Making a living as an illustrator or an animator has never been free of thought competition, and it still is not. But, equipped with an arsenal of fantastic ways of presenting your visual material, you will surely have a competitive edge over the rest!


Turn Your 3D Models & Animation’s Into:

  • Real Time 3D Interactive Worlds & Objects
  • Virtual Reality Panoramas
  • Fine Art Prints
  • VR Objects
  • Streaming Online Movies
  • CD-ROM Games & Interactive Promotions
  • Video Demo Reels
  • Progressive Download Movies
  • 3D “Prints”
  • Interactive Movies
  • Stereo Lithographics

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Waterman Animation

Character Animation is Waterman Animation’s specialty 3d characters from funny-cartoons, to realistic characters complete with flowing hair! Your 3d characters can walk, dance, cry, laugh, and even talk. Waterman Animation specializes in lip synching characters!

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