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Publications Featuring Ralph Manis’ Artwork and Tutorials

1970 3D Mustang Published In – Elemental 3

My 3D Mustang in the new Elemental 3 from Balistic Publishing

07/19/08 – My 3D 1970 Mach 1 Mustang created with Autodesk Maya featured in the new digtal art book “ELEMENTAL 3” from Balistic Publishing. The ELEMENTAL series showcases the “World’s best digital artwork created with Autodesk software.” This latest high end 3D graphics publication from Balistic is filled with the most stunning images of 3D architectural visualization, transport vehicles and product design that I have ever had the pleasure to have seen!. It is a great honor to be published alongside these other great 3D artists and I know you will enjoy the visuals that this fine art book has to offer.


More Books & art Publications Featuring Artwork by Ralph Hawke Manis

Renderosity Magazine
Renderosity Magazine


“Renderosity Magazine” Issue No. 3

I am very proud to announce that the Girl on a Cliff has been featured in the “Renderosity Magazine” Issue No. 3.

Featured Articles:Girl on a Cliff

A Life Less Ordinary – the extraordinary art of lemog (interview by Cris_Palomino) Coming Clean on the Quick and Dirty with Strata 3Dproby Matthieu (Matthieu Roussel) Weaving Hair out of Candy-Eye Candy 4000 by linwhite (Linda White) Wonderfully Controversial Art by jrulier (Jean-Marc Rulier) Poserising a Dress Mesh by canary3d (Mary Dell) Once Upon The Time. by deuxabu (Marcelo Maziero) Baba Jaga Maya-Style by doker13 (Pavel Osharin) Water & Underwater Effect in Paint Shop Pro by dreamsosweet (Michele Wolfe) Through the Digital Curtain: Poser 5 Unveiled by Entropic (Paul Jenkins) A Scoop’a kupa (Curious Labs’ President, Steve Cooper) by Entropic (Paul Jenkins) and Blooddoll (Windy Strutz)

Featured Artwork: Alice in Wonderland by echox (Heather Echo Chernik) Grove Guardian , Winters Dark, Cold Journey by steve32680 (Steve A. Roberts) Girl on a Cliff by ralphmanis (Ralph Manis).



Femme Digitale
Femmes 3D

“Femmes 3D” Create step by step 3D characters (1 book + 1 CD-Rom)

Angie 3D Portrait

It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of “Femmes 3D” by Richard Maillot. The sixth publication featuring the 3D artwork of Ralph Manis. “Angie” is featured in this fine French publication. Presentation by the editor and at the same time technical, a didactic and artistic exploration of the 3D universe and its character emblem: the woman. The work takes you along in the history of creation 3D and evolution of the techniques and synthesis of imagery.

It presents the software most used in 3D creation: an objective analysis of their qualities and their weaknesses, Full color tutorials by experts for exploration of these applications (video, real time animation, modeling, etc…). Moreover, 6 precise case studies explaining work by the artists with a gallery of the most beautiful 3D women. A CD-Rom is offered with the totality of the images presented in this book and recalling the contents of the tutorials.

Features artwork by Ralph Manis. Click here for more about Femmes 3D. This book is available in French only!

Features artwork by Ralph Manis. Click here for more about Femmes 3D.


Femme Digitale

Femme Digitale

Available at Amazon.com

Femme Digitale” Perfecting the Female Form on Your Computer

By Michael Burns

I am very proud to announce that “Angie” is featured in “Femme Digitale” from Watson-Guptill Publications. Many of Ralph’s latest 3D artwork like “Space Maiden“, “Love Gun“, “Butterfly Lady” and the very popular “Angie 3D Portrait Tutorial” are just some of many to be featured in this top notch publication. This book has to be the best 3D Art and Tutorial publications that I have seen to date. Featuring other such great artist as… Stephen Stahlberg, Ellie Morin, Daniel Scott Gabriel, Will Kramer, Rene Morel, Jaenette Thompson and many more. I highly recommend this book to all who are interested in 3D Art & Graphics!

Michael Burns is a freelance author and producer. Formerly Editor of CGI Magazine and Editor-in-Chief of Computercreative.com, he has written extensively in many leading magazines, including Computer Arts and Macworld and is a contributing editor at MacFormat magazine. Michael is also, the author of Digital Fantasy Painting.

ISBN: 0-8230-1653-6 Watson-Guptill Publication

(Paperback) 7 x 11, 224 pages and 600 color illustrations, October 2003.

Features artwork by Ralph Manis. Click here for more about Femme Digitale.


Best of 3D Graphics

The Best of 3D Graphics

Available at Amazon.com

“Advanced, affordable technology has brought 3D graphics to the masses. Eye-popping images jump at us from movie screens and video games, print ads, and books. These images spur innovative graphic designers to create ever bolder and more spectacular images.

While most books on 3D graphics function as uninspired how-to manuals, this full-color portfolio allows the art to speak for itself. The Best of 3D Graphics presents more than 250 cutting-edge images designed by masters of the craft from around the world. Full- page images help artists zero in and study the winning 3D techniques that grab audiences. Informational text reveals the artist and software program involved in each creation. At the back of the book, images are deconstructed to show how they were created.

Whether showcasing a cartoon character in a children’s movie or a landscape in a book, a “virtual person” in a multimedia presentation or a Hollywood special effect, this in-your- face source book will inspire novice and seasoned 3D artists alike.”

Features artwork by Ralph Manis. Click here for more about The Best of 3D Graphics.



Available at Amazon.com


Taschen art book publishers has released “Digital Beauties” by author Julius Wiedemann. The first in a series on digital culture focuses on beauty and cutting-edge computer-generated female characters. Whereas most books on digital creation concentrate on technique and include detailed “how-tos,” is all about exploring the artistic achievements of today’s best designers without a lot of complicated technical jargon. Over 100 artists from all around the world including Ralph Manis, Steven Stahlberg, Ellie Morin, Arq Angel, Will Kramer and many others.

Features artwork by Ralph Manis. Click here for more about and other products from this edition.


3D Artist's Guide to Real World Applications

3D Artists Guide to Real Word Applications

3D Artist’s Guide to Real World Applications” by Patricia Waterman. Featuring the award winning 3D portrait “Angie” by Infinitee Designs artist Ralph Manis. With over a decade of “real world” experience, and extensive research in the area of 3D art application, the author shares with you the most exciting, professional-looking, and most easily applied ways available today, for the presentation of 3D art. The 3D Artist’s Guide to Real World Applications will make you more marketable, by providing you with more expertise to offer an employer or a client.

Features artwork by Ralph Manis. Click here for more about 3D Artist Guide.

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