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Book Cover Art, Design and Artist. Custom eBook Cover Art and Design

Book cover design artist and book jacket artwork by Ralph Hawke Manis, lead illustrator at Infinitee Designs. Delaware Book cover artist and custom eBook artwork.


Piloting Your Edge Book Cover


Piloting Your Edge

Your Edge Performance Operators Manual by Linda Schaffer-Vanaria

United States Navy’s Third Woman Test Pilot and One of the First Women Commanding Officers. Executive coach, consultant and speaker working internationally with some of the world’s finest companies.

Citadel 7 Book Cover


Citadel 7
Earth’s Secret – by Yuan Jur

A Sci-fi Fantasy Novel for the reincarnated.

In both ethereal & mortal worlds a change is coming, where right vs wrong is now strictly a point of view. Early Citadel 7 cover render.

The Discovery Book Cover


The Discovery

Author – Stephen G. Newman grew up in Mesa, Arizona. After serving as a missionary in Argentina for two and a half years, he graduated from Arizona State University with a Business degree.



eBook covers for Citadel 7:

Dead End - Plight of Rudy Barabbas
Betrayer - The Scourge of Trabonus
Enemy of Existence - On Earth
Quall Assassin - Talaza's Contract




Book Cover Design Artist and Custom Ebook Cover Art and Design


Not just your run of the mill, cookie cutter or pre-made book covers!

Book cover design and book jacket artwork by freelance book cover designer Ralph Hawke Manis, lead illustrator at Infinitee Designs – When you are looking for an original work of art, specific to your story, and custom artwork for your book cover, nothing beats a professional artists visual rendition. If you give me a synopsis of your book, I can whip up some samples and we can take it from there. No limit on revisions because, we want your book cover to be perfect! All of the 3D & 2D CG digital art images and computer graphics on this page were created with Autodesk Maya, Bryce 3D, Poser and or touched up with Photoshop. Final preparation for your publishers printer done in Illustrator.


Book Cover Design Pricing and Costs

Depending on how much work goes into a project a book cover can cost from $200 to $1,000. This includes a high resolution, printer ready artwork of one 26″x36″ promotional poster and one book size copy of the cover (front and back with spine) with printers template, all graphics, logos, photos and text applied. The usual time frame to complete a book cover or jacket is anywhere from one to two weeks to one month. From romance novel cover art to industrial and technical manuals, we can create a book cover that will sell your book on it’s own. Science fiction and Fantasy book covers are our favorite!

We are here to manifest the book cover of your dreams.

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Ralph Manis’ true master skill is in his 3D artworks and art design for which I have had the privilege of being the recipient of several examples. Anyone wishing to see a master artist bring a subject to life on screen or page should not hesitate to engage Ralph’s service.


De Chao Peterson

Author of Cygnus award winning Citadel 7 Earth’s Secret trilogy.



Book Cover Design - Ciatdel 7 by Yuan Jur - Ebook Cover

eBook cover art too!

With a little graphic magic, we can size your current or new book cover into an industry standardized digital eBook cover for use with any eBook reader. Standard book cover jackets and eBook bundles are available if needed. We and re-size the original artwork to fit any format required by any publishers printer or, screen reader.

Custom eBook cover artwork for:

  • NOOK
  • KOBO
  • LULU


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