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Album Cover Designer Artwork –

Album cover designer and freelance artist Ralph Manis lead illustrator at Infinitee Designs. LP, CD, DVD, album covers and jacket artwork like no other.



Album Cover Designer Artwork - Desiree


Desiree “Cactus Cadillac”

Desiree – Triple A Country Western, Blues, Bluegrass & Southern Rock music from Nashville, Tennessee. Singer songwriter performer musician guitar player. Extraordinary music for extraordinary times. Complete Web design, logo, CD cover and jacket sleeve by Infinitee Designs. Desiree is a dear sweet old friend, excellent musician and songwriter.

Album Cover Designer Artwork - Icelick


Icelick “Inner Truth”

Icelick’s “Inner Truth” Blues/Rock band out of Arizona
CD label. 3D digital computer graphic art CD cover created with Bryce 3D and
Photoshop by Ralph Manis and Infinitee Designs.

Album Cover Designer Artwork - Just After Mid Nite


Just After Mid Nite

Just After Midnight band logo and CD cover/jacket sample with a Les Paul guitar. This one never made it to production but, I liked it so much I had to feature it here.



We Love to Make Beautiful Music CD Covers and Jackets!

We love music and we are musicians as well as artists so, we can relate! CD cover design and DVD jacket artwork by Ralph Hawke Manis, lead illustrator at Infinitee Designs – All of the 3D & 2D CG digital art images and computer graphics on this page were created with Autodesk Maya, Bryce 3D, and Photoshop. Final preparation for printer ready artwork is rendered in Illustrator. Depending on how much work goes into a project a CD cover can cost from $200 to $500. This includes a high resolution, printer ready promotional poster and CD/DVD size copy of all artwork (front and back with spine), all graphics, logos, photos and text applied.


There are many different types of CD inserts and we ca work with any publishers or, printers templates. from a single insert to a full 8 page accordion insert.

We are here to manifest the CD/album cover of your dreams.

Please fell free to contact us with any questions – Email Us >






Some of our favorite CD Album covers:

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Destiny Thunder Creek CD coverSB Mix Tape Vol. 1 CD coverIcelick

Rate of Change Destiny Rate of Change Buddha Fly from Savage Monk CD and jewel case artwork by Infinitee Designs


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