Fine Art Prints

High resolution prints by traditional and digital artist Ralph Hawke Manis.

High resolution digital fine art prints of original art created with traditional and digital painting techniques. Also created with, digital applications such as Autodesk Maya, Bryce 3D and Adobe Photoshop. Each print comes with it’s own provenance in the form of an COA or, Certificate of Authenticity.

Independent testing by Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc. (The company publishes brand name specific permanence data for desktop and large format inkjet printers and other digital printing devices) has established that these Archival Prints will last more than 200 years before any noticeable shift in color integrity occurs. They are truly museum quality fine art reproductions.

Infinitee Designs offers three kinds of high quality paper for your fine art prints.

High Gloss Finish

All of our Giclee prints are done high quality paper and printed in high gloss unless otherwise instructed. High Gloss is ideal for most 3D and traditional artwork and will give the paintings a extraordinary feeling of depth while bringing out he colors of the image. The high gloss coating gives archival Giclee prints a true feel of depth and can be framed with or without glass.

Semi Gloss Finish

Semi Gloss finish is a durable as high gloss but, not as reflective. This is good for a more subtle depth of view in the artwork and with less glare. When framed with glass, there is very little difference to the naked eye.

Matte Finish

This paper type is an ideal surface for reproducing original watercolors, acrylic and oil paintings. There is enough coating to provide the richest, vibrant and most accurate colors. Drawings and watercolor images are reproduced on Archival matte finish paper, an uncoated stock which gives the reproduction the look and feel of original watercolor or sketch paper.

Canvas Finish (special request only)

This is our finest grade of high quality archival Giclee art prints. The canvas is made of a high quality exhibition grade cotton and printed with special chrome pigment based inks ensuring the picture will last for generations. Prints on canvas look and feel like an actual painting on canvas and can turn your home or office into your own personal museum or art gallery.

The dot ratio of these prints is invisible to the naked eye. Under extreme magnification (15X) the print quality can be seen to be the equivalent of the very finest printing. These are among the most accurate, most archival prints available. Archival prints are the best quality and will look as beautiful and vibrant to your great great grandchildren in the future as they will to you today.

Please remember that artwork of any kind, prints and originals, should be kept away from direct sunlight. Sunlight will quickly bleach out even the very finest oil paintings and high quality Giclee prints. If you plan on displaying your prints in a place where it will be exposed to sunlight, we recommend opting for an extra UV coating. This is an Ultra Violet light block out coating that will help protect your fine art prints from the damaging UV rays of the sun.

Any original artwork on this site by artist Ralph Manis can be sent as a print to anyone anywhere!

Digital Fine Art Prints – Shipping

All prints are shipped via USPS or UPS. Archival prints are carefully wrapped and packaged in solid packaging and insured for your safety and protection. Arrival times will vary by production times and the distance from the state of Delaware. We take great pride in the care and degree of quality of these prints and we are sure you will enjoy them for as long as you own them.

Arraignments for larger prints can be made by contacting us with your special requests.

For an even richer type of collectible print, please have a look at the hand painted silkscreen prints that are available on the Fine Art Silkscreen Prints page.

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