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Appendix C Post Skinning

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I am having a lot of trouble getting my rig to scale correctly with my armor pieces parent constrained to their appropriate joints. Before skinning everything scales properly just not after skinning. Even after skinning everything else works great and I spent the past two weeks getting the skin weights just right on every joint, added a bunch of facial expressions with blend shapes, a tongue rig and a bunch of other fun stuff when I noticed that the root transform was not working. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


Solution: The problem was that after skinning I had parented the body geometry under the root_transform_CTRL. Once I un-parented it, root scaling works as it should.



Root transform not working after binding the skin.

Above: Root transform not working after binding the skin.


Bind Skin Settings:

Bind Skin Settings

Above: Bind Skin Settings


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