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Cultured Pearl Billboard

Cultured Pearl Billboard Sign

Cultured Pearl billboard hwy 1 advertisement sign 14×8 feet in size. Designed as an enticing ad to remind visitors to Rehoboth Beach just how much they would like to come by and have the best Sushi in the state! Graphics by artist Ralph Hawke Manis.


Artwork information
  • Artist: Ralph Hawke Manis
  • Date: Circa 2013
  • Medium: 2D Digital Computer Graphic
  • Dimensions: 14′ x 8′ 300DPI
  • Rehoboth Beach, Delaware


System specs: P4 Dual Core 6700 @ 2.66 GHz x2 | 8 Gigs RAM | 64-bit OS | NVIDIA Quadro FX 1700 Dual Monitor


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