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Koi Fish 1

Koi Fish 1 2D Photoshop illustration digital computer graphic created for The Cultured Pearl Restaurant and Sushi Bar in Rehoboth Beach. An excellent restaurant that I was head of construction on and lead carpenter of. This artwork was one of two gifts to Susan and is a 36″x36″ digital print that hangs on the left side of the new main stage. I also built The Cultured Pearls restaurant website, menu art, logos, advertisements and hang my artwork in the Pearl mall. This truly is, the best restaurant in town and serves the best Sushi in the world!

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Artwork information
  • Artist: Ralph Hawke Manis
  • Date: c. 2012
  • Medium: Digital Illustration
  • Dimensions: 40″ x 40″
  • Location: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware


System specs: P4 3.2 GHz – 4 Gigs RAM – NVIDIA Quadro FX 1000 Dual Monitor


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