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The Best of 3D Graphics

Best of 3D Graphics from Rockport Publishing

Best of 3D Graphics from Rockport Publishing
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Artwork by Ralph Manis featured in Femme Digitale

The Best of 3D Graphics - Angie 3D PortraitWindows of the WorldsLove Gun


I am very happy to announce that Best of 3D Graphics from Rockport Publishing is available to the public. Many of Ralph’s latest 3D artwork and the very popular “Angie 3D Portrait Tutorial” are just some of many to be featured in this top notch publication.


“Advanced, affordable technology has brought 3D graphics to the masses. Eye-popping images jump at us from movie screens and video games, print ads, and books. These images spur innovative graphic designers to create ever bolder and more spectacular images.


While most books on 3D graphics function as uninspired how-to manuals, this full-color portfolio allows the art to speak for itself. The Best of 3D Graphics presents more than 250 cutting-edge images designed by masters of the craft from around the world. Full- page images help artists zero in and study the winning 3D techniques that grab audiences. Informational text reveals the artist and software program involved in each creation. At the back of the book, images are deconstructed to show how they were created.


Whether showcasing a cartoon character in a children’s movie or a landscape in a book, a “virtual person” in a multimedia presentation or a Hollywood special effect, this in-your-face sourcebook will inspire novice and seasoned 3D artists alike.”


There is good news for the artists who submitted samples for review. The entries were excellent, and whether we selected your work for the printed book or not, we decided to include ALL entries on the CD that ships with the book. The CD is also very special. The entries are divided into categories, and a menu allows you to browse each work and enlarge the image full screen. We also developed an automated slide show mode and included a number of musical selections to accompany the art. So even if your work did not make it to the printed page, it is on the CD. And the CD is on the inside front cover of the book. As much as I like the way the book turned out, I feel the CD offers even more. Hundreds of incredible 3D graphics from artists around the world will both inspire and delight you.

The Best of 3D Graphics edited by Vic Cherubini, the Founder and CEO of the Epic Software Group, a 3D animation and multimedia development company located in The Woodlands, Texas.

About Rockport Publishers

Rockport Publishers specializes in books for design professionals. Rockport Publishers program includes books on graphic design, interior design, architecture, product design, fine art, and crafts. The company’s worldwide book distribution offers designers the opportunity to show their work in an international forum. You can learn more about our extensive list of books by visiting our Website at: www.rockpub.com. Rockport Publishers, Inc. 33 Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930-5089. 978-282-9590 (phone), 978-283-2742 (fax)

About the Epic Software Group

The epic software group is a twelve-year-old multimedia production company located in The Woodlands (Houston), Texas. The artists, animators, programmers and support staff who work at the company create interactive electronic catalogs, multimedia presentations, 3D graphics and animated short features. Epic software group is located at 701 Sawdust, The Woodlands, Texas. 281-363-3742 (phone), 281-292-9700 (fax), epic@epicsoftware.com (e-mail) and Website at: www.epicsoftware.com site.


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