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Digital Beauties - Featuring the Artwork of Ralph Hawke Manis
Digital Beauties – Featuring the Artwork of Ralph Hawke Manis


Artwork by Ralph Manis featured in Digital Beauties

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Taschen art book publishers has released “Digital Beauties” by author Julius Wiedemann. The first in a series on digital culture focuses on beauty and cutting-edge computer-generated female characters. Whereas most books on digital creation concentrate on technique and include detailed “how-tos,” Digital Beauties is all about exploring the artistic achievements of today’s best designers without a lot of complicated technical jargon. Over 100 artists from all around the world including Ralph Manis, Steven Stahlberg, Ellie Morin, Arq Angel, Will Kramer and many others.

Here you’ll discover a host of digital beauties from all around the world and a dizzying array of styles and techniques-moody black-and-white nudes, surreal portraits, Lara Croft-style adventure chicks, sleek ultra-futuristic babes, etc. Both 2D and 3D design are covered, with an emphasis on the latter; some images are so stunningly lifelike it’s hard to believe they’re 100% computer generated.

In an age in which virtual characters are being copyrighted left and right, it’s about time you got to know some of the “people” you’ll be coming across in the future on TV and even in film; one such example is Steven Stahlberg’s lovely Webbie Tookay, the first virtual model to sign with Elite Digital Models. Some of these digital creations have even been included in “sexiest women” lists-along with real humans, of course!

Over 100 artists from all around the world in this premier 3D art book, with biographical and contact information and samples of their best work.

Inspirational approach with stylistic advice for amateur creators.

Stunning graphics.

For more information go to the “Taschen” Website.

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