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Artwork by Ralph Manis featured in Femme Digitale

Angie 3D PortraitSpace MaidenLove GunButterfly Lady


“Femme Digitale”

Perfecting the Female Form on Your Computer

By Michael Burns

I am proud to announce that “Angie” will be featured in “Femme Digitale” from Watson-Guptill Publication. Many of Ralph’s latest 3D artwork like “Space Maiden“, “Love Gun“, “Butterfly Lady” and the very popular “Angie 3D Portrait Tutorial” are just some of many to be featured in this top notch publication. This book has to be the best 3D Art and Tutorial publications that I have seen to date. Featuring other such great artist as… Stephen Stahlberg, Ellie Morin, Daniel Scott Gabriel, Will Kramer, Rene Morel, Jaenette Thompson and many more. I highly recommend this book to all who are interested in 3D Art & Graphics!

“Photographers, computer-game artists and digital art enthusiasts of all skill levels will benefit from this illustrated guide. It is a complete reference book covering a wide variety of topics, from touching up and restoring digital photographs, and sampling accurate skin tones and textures, to creating a 3D-rendered heroine for your new shoot-’em-up action game – nothing is left to the imagination (so to speak). Tastefully written and easy to follow, Femme Digitale demystifies the digitally represented female form, whether in two or three dimensions. “


Michael Burns is a freelance author and producer. Formerly Editor of CGI Magazine and Editor-in-Chief of Computercreative.com, he has written extensively in many leading magazines, including Computer Arts and Macworld and is a contributing editor at MacFormat magazine. Michael is the author of Digital Fantasy Painting.

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Ralph Manis’ computer graphics and 3D digital artwork has been categorized utilizing many fine descriptions such as top notch science fiction, fantasy, sensual, erotic, spiritual, psychedelic and celestial.


ISBN: 0-8230-1653-6 Watson-Guptill Publications, (Paperback) 7 x 11 224 pages 600 color illustrations October 2003.


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