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Femme Digitale

“Femme Digitale” by Richard Maillot


Artwork by Ralph Manis featured in Femmes 3D

Angie 3D Portrait


Ralph Manis’ computer graphics and 3D digital artwork has been categorized utilizing many fine descriptions such as top notch science fiction, fantasy, sensual, erotic, spiritual, psychedelic and celestial.


Create step by step 3D characters (1 book + 1 CD-Rom)

It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of “Femmes 3D” by Richard Maillot. The sixth publication featuring the 3D artwork of Ralph Manis. “Angie” is featured in this fine French publication.

Presentation by the editor and at the same time technical, a didactic and artistic exploration of the 3D universe and its character emblem: the woman. The work takes you along in the history of creation 3D and evolution of the techniques and synthesis of imagery. It presents to you the software most used in 3D creation: an objective analysis of their qualities and their weaknesses, Full color tutorials by experts for exploration of these applications (video, real time animation, modeling, etc…). Moreover, 6 precise case studies explaining work by the artists with a gallery of the most beautiful 3D women. A CD-Rom is offered with the totality of the images presented in this book and recalling the contents of the tutorials.

This book is available in French only!


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