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Part 27 @ 11:29

Part 27

Solved by selecting the leftArm_settings_CTRL opening the Channel Box and setting the FK Rotation Space to "shoulder".

I’m at 11:29 of part 27 and when rotating the shoulder_CTRL the left arm is not staying straight. It appears that the leftArm_GRP is not parented to the shoulder or shoulder_CTRL… Anyone have any ideas?


Part 27 completed.


Also, when I translate the leftShoulder_CTRL upward it does not move in same way that Emma’s does. Anyone have any ideas?


Part 27 completed.


Below… My project’s leftShoulderBase_result_JNT has 0 transforms for Rotate Z Yet, Emma’s has a rotation value of -24.124. Could this be the problem? In part 26 @6:49 it says to rotate the leftShoulder_GEO_GRP but nothing about the leftShoulderBase_result_JNT.


Part 27 completed.


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