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Rotate from Center Action

Rotate from Center Action

Rotate from Center Action for Photoshop

Rotate from Center Action – This Photoshop Action is a multiple set of actions that can be used as a circular replication graphic design tool for 22.5, 45, 90 and 180 degree replicate and rotate actions. This multi set will come in very handy for repeated duplication and rotation needs while creating graphic art in Photoshop. It is especially useful when creating Mandalas or, any graphic patterns that repeat in a circular motion.

Multiple Action Sets Include:

    • Duplicate and rotate 22.5 degrees
    • Duplicate and rotate 45 degrees
    • Duplicate and rotate 90 degrees
    • Duplicate and rotate 180 degrees


  • Rotates from center of document
  • Can be altered for many uses
  • Speeds up complex design projects
  • Easy to install and it’s FREE!

Rotate from Center Action – Graphic Designs Created with this Photoshop Action

Rotate from Center Action - Mandala Tapestry
Mandala Tapestry
Rotate from Center Action - Butterfly Lady Tapestry
Butterfly Lady tapestry
Grateful Dead Tapestry
Grateful Dead Tapestry

To use this free Photoshop Action, select one of the action sets to activate it and click the “Play” arrow in the lower middle region of the action window to run the action.



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