Graphic Artist Ralph Hawke Manis

Thorr Project

Thorr - Some renders and test animations on the 3D character development. Thorr is one of the many characters I am working on for the Citadel 7 sci-fi book series by Yuan Jur. Directly below is the 2D illustration in full armor and then below that are the 3D renders and animations.


Thorr - 2D illustration in full armor


3D Renders:

Thorr - 3D RendersThorr - 3D RendersThorr - 3D RendersThorr - Zbrush Detail

Above: Thorr in full armor front, AO, back and with Zbrush details.


A few test animations...

Turntable view of rigged model.


Thorr Blend Shapes facial rig test.


Thorr range of motion test.


Thorr turntable.