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Autodesk 3DS Max Links for Artists – 3D Studio Max links to sites of 3D artists and modelers, animation and special effects, free 3D models, textures and scripts, assets and resources for digital animators and high end animation studios.

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3D Ark
Excellent 3D resource site. Top rated.

Large list of MAXScripts.

Great art, tutorials, tools, and links. The exceptional high end 3D work of Igor Posavec.

3D Render
Lot’s of 3D lighting information by Jeremy Birn.

3DS Models

Site contains free 3d models in 3ds format and textures.

3D Total
Excellent resource for 3D artists, animators and related subjects. Exceptional high resolution texture pacages. Top rated. I highly recommend this site!

Top notch French site. Online 3D magazine.

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Design, Stratasys 3D Printing Reseller in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana.

The portfolio site of Thomas Bruno, you will find 3D modeling, 3D animation, graphic design, video and audio production here.

Animation Arena
A leading animation resource for 3D, 2D, Flash, concept artists & graphics enthusiasts. Find info about art programs, schools, jobs, tutorials, character animation, kinks and mailing lists.

Animation Magazine
Covers all aspects of animation. From film and television to comics and cartoons.

Makers of: 3D Studio, 3D Studio MAX, AutoCAD, AutoSketch, Generic CADD, AutoSurf, WorkCenter, Animator Pro, and AutoVision.

Beans Magic Co., Ltd.
Some of the very best character development that I have ever seen!

Some of the coolest stuff in the world! I highly recommend a visit to this site.

Chaos Group
Makers of Phoenix and SimCloth for 3D Studio Max. Tutorials downloads and ducumentation.

Online 3d model library. Download 3D models, graphics and texture maps for 3ds/Max, Lightwave 3D, Autodesk wavefront, Microstation, Autocad, Form z, Truespace, Photoshop

Online Animation and VFX Courses. Years of industry experience combined to build a curriculum like never before.

Continuum Skies
Free 360 degree spherical maps of the sky. These images can be mapped onto a sphere for use in any 3D program. I add to them from time to time – so check back. This is a great resource, I highly recommend this site!

Dabhin Eng
Excellent digital artist with a flare for comic style/gaming art. Gallery, tips, tutorials and links.

Daz Productions
Computer Modeling company, specializes in characters and human figures, custom modeling, developed models in all major formats.

Digimation currently brands over 40 extensions for 3DS Max and is working with developers around the world to expand this number. Current top-selling plug-ins include Bones Pro 3, Clay Studio Pro, Phoenix, Shag:Hair, Particle Studio and Illustrate! 5. Digimation also represents several of the leading developers such as Sitni Sati, cebas, and Sisyphus as resellers of their products.

Di-O-Matic Inc.
Develops high-end character animation plug-ins for Discreet’s 3ds max product line as well as training CD’s for various 3D software applications.

A division of Autodesk and makers of 3D studio Max, Character Studio, Reactor, Mental Ray and many other top quality software products.

Dreams and Magic Entertainment
Animation Studio-3D meshes, textures, web design, resources, web art and a very nice list of I highly recommend this site.


Our mission is to help all cg fans with their journey in 3D, and share all the knowledge we have. We are looking for people, who would like to join the team. If you are interested, are efficient, know the English language and have some free time…


Grant Adam
Animation’s, images, scripts and tutorials. Nice translucency script tutorial.

HDRI Library
Nice collection of HDRI images and tutorials.


Jeremy A. Engleman
A different style of portfolio…

Joachim Barrum
Excellent artist from Norway. Site includes galleries, animation’s, tutorials and links.



Marlin Studio’s
Publisher of seamless and tileable texture map CD-Roms for 2D and 3D computer graphics applications. I highly recommend this site.

Martin Murphy
Martin Murphy’s award winning online gallery, illustrations, paintings and links. Creator of the famed Queen tutorial . Great digital art but, don’t forget to check out his oil paintings as well. Martin is now working for Industrial Light & Magic as a creature modeler. I highly recommend a visit to this site!

Forum, artist resources, free plugins, tutorials, links and more.

Max Realms
Site for free 3d Studio Max stuff! Browse for free 3ds models, textures, tutorials, plugins and join the member forum for fast help. The site is updated daily. All free, all the time.

Max Underground
3D Studio Max news forum.

Mesh Factory
Models – Free and for sale and a gallery.

My 3D Textures
A Free 3D 2D artist resource, free textures, 3D models, tutorials and more. Also custom modeling service is available.


Okino Graphics
Okino Computer Graphics develops and markets a broad range of 3d rendering, visualization, 3d data translation/conversion and toolkit software: the NuGraf Rendering System, the PolyTrans 3D Data Translator/Converter, and the NuGraf Developer’s 3D Toolkit/Library.

Pixel2life is the largest tutorial search engine on the internet catering to graphic designers and programmers. From Photoshop to Poser to C++, we have it all in the fastest and friendliest search tool around.

Pluginz.com is the ultimate source of plugins and digital tools for digital artists. We have everything you need to make your projects stand out and blow your competition away. Come and see the latest products, news, reviews and hot digital downloads!

Populate 3D
Plugins written by Marc Lorenz. Deconstructor, tree shop, ArchiCAD “importation wizard”,mxs one|to install and links. Nice simple site design too.



Excellent 3D Artist Community. Show your artwork, galleries, downloads, information on Poser, Bryce, 3D Max, tutorials, forums, and much more. Go join and have some fun!

Rubber Bug
Some great animation tutorials, gallery and stuff.

Sci-fi Meshes
Excellent sci-fi community site with galleries, meshes, models, forums, contests, tip and tutorials. I highly recommend this site.

Script Spot
The most comprehensive site for 3ds max scripts on the web. Tutorials, resources, extensions and a message board.

Soa Lee “Soanala”
Soa Lee’s 3D character illustration world : 3D artist extraordinaire. I highly recommend this artist’s site. Beautiful Web design as well!

Steve Burke
Excellent 3D stills, animation’s and a few tutorials.

Steven Stahlberg
Excellent erotic and sensual artist. One of my favorites, I highly recommend a visit to his site!


Trinity 3D
Trinity offers a variety of services relating to modifying captured images, creating new original 3D environments and characters, and combining live action with computer-generated imagery. CEBAS Plug-Ins, Autodesk|Wavefront, Maya training, MAX Plug-Ins & training, Lightwave Plug-Ins & training and much more.

Very nice site design and galleries, animation’s, downloads, tutorials, links, wallpaper and more.

Ultimate 3dlinks.com
Great resource for 3D artists and related subjects. Very nice site design.

Visual Environments
An architectural illustration service using 3d computer graphics to create photo-real renderings and photosimulations.


Willi Hammes
Excellent photorealism on this site. Gallery, animations, tutorial, downloads and links.

Win 3D
Official homepage for 3DWin, an interactive shareware 3D converter for the PC platform. It is available for Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000 and XP. A must have that I highly recommend.





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