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3D Butterfly Tutorial 9

Part 9 – Saving Model Objects, Adding Lighting and Rendering


Saving Model in the Bryce Objects Menu

Saving 3D Model Object Menu
Saving 3D Model Object Menu


1. Click the "View" arrow Arrow and select Right View.

Pointer/Cursor 1a. Carefully click, hold and drag a selection marquee around the entire butterfly model to select. Or, Ctrl+Click each part of the object and Ctrl+Shift to add multiple selections from the list in the pop up window.

Group Button 1b. Click the "Group" button Group Button then open the Attributes Menu Object Attributes Button name it Butterfly and hit the finish check mark Finish Check Mark or Enter.

2. Click the "Create" tab. In the pop up window select "User" Click "Add" and name your model.

2a. You can also add a description if you like then hit the finish check mark Finish Check Mark or Enter. The model is saved with the texture maps for easy use in other project.


* Tip: You can import and export other objects into and out of the Objects Menu in either Bryce or .obj format.


Lighting Your Scene

Create Palette

Bryce 3D Create Palette


1. Creating a "Spotlight"

Spotlight 1a. Click "Create", click the "Spotlight" Spot Light icon then the "A" Object Attributes Button to open the "Object Attributes" Under the "General" tab type in the coordinate settings in the diagram below then click the finish check mark Finish Check Mark.


Spotlight Object Attributes

Spotlight Coordinates

Spotlight Attributes…

Origin X: -83.83, Y: 51.13 and Z: 79.03

Rotate X: 0, Y: 0 and Z: 0

Size X: 20.48, Y: 20.48 and Z: 20.48


1a. "Spotlight" Coordinates


2. Editing the "Spotlight"- Click "E" Edit Object to open the "Edit Object" menu.

Cursor 2a. In the top left widow, click and drag left or right and set to 8.

Cursor 2b. In the bottom left widow, click and drag left or right and set to 100.

Cursor 2c. You can change the color of the light with the small "Color Picker" Color Picker box on the bottom. For this tutorial it is set on white. Click the finish check mark Finish Check Mark or Enter.


Options and Rendering

"Control Render Options" and "Render" button.

"Control Render Options" and "Render" button.


1. Checking your settings- When you are ready for the final rendering of your scene you should always double check your settings.

Arrow 1a. Click the "Control Render Options&quot (bottom arrow on the lower left side of the scene window)

Check Mark 1b. Check Check Mark AntiAutodesking Fine Art (Slow), Arrow, Check Mark Spatial Optimization (High), Arrow, Check Mark Gamma Correction, Arrow, Check Mark 48 Bit Dithering, and Arrow, Check Mark Perspective Render.

1c. Finally, Click the "Render" button and go have a yours self a nice long lunch!

2 Saving your rendered image-

Pointer/Cursor 2a. Click File > Save Image As… In the pop up window chose a place for your file to be saved, name it, save in .psd or .tif format and click Save.

Pointer/Cursor 2b. Close Bryce. When prompted to save, click Save.

Finally… Pat yourself on the back and jump up and down a few times!




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